Thursday, April 6, 2017

So Many Books...

For some reason lately I am besieged and overrun lately by requests to read new author books. It makes me sad to say no...I always try to write these authors back and wish them luck...but in my self imposed exile I really just want to read the books that I love...I know new authors need a voice but I don't have that voice...and it is it's amazing that they would even ask...the match is just so can someone think I would read a self help book when I have never self helped anything in my entire life? I am so not a self helper. Ick...

On the other hand...the publishers and authors and publicists that I have a relationship with? I just read these books sort of non my self imposed exile. These books are suited to me...I mostly love them...and pick up the next one the moment I put down a finished book. Yum!

I almost can't wait to start a new book...

So...with all that said...this book has me puzzled...central character Merilee was far too innocent...central character Miss Sugar was far too nosy...Miss Sugar was Merilee's landlady but was always in her rental house complaining about something or baking cookies. I strongly dislike flashbacks and there were lots of flashbacks. Everything leading up to the ending was just unplausible. So...I think I didn't love this book. And yet I sort of enjoyed it...hmmm.

Starting this one now...

From NetGalley And Amazon...

"Trophy Son brings Conroy's The Great Santini and Malamud's The Natural into the present day...A terrific book." -Harlan Coben

It is dismal, rainy and dark here today. We have nothing exciting for lunch so Den is going out for street tacos...last night we had cheeseburgers and these amazing onion rings. This is totally against our normal clean eating but Big Chemo often gives me weird tastes. Den made blueberry banana pineapple smoothies for breakfast and that helped...we have this amazing Florida watermelon...that tastes so it seems as though fruit really helps me. And my ever present lemonade...Den literally freezes a whole lemon and then grates it into my organic is delightful! is actually thundering outside...I am off to have lunch and then read!



  1. I spam a lot of the requests, as obviously the authors haven't bothered to check out my review policy.

    I prefer reading old favorites, authors I have read and loved.

  2. If I ever get sick, I want Den to take care of me!

    Trophy Son sounds really good to me!

  3. That lemonade sounds amazing!

  4. I put in my contact info that if I download and read a book I'll send a link. I used to try to reply but it got too much trying to nicely decline - especially when it's obvious they didn't look at the genres I read.
    Lemonade bothers my stomach but you make me want to try it your way!!

    1. Den read an article that said frozen grated lemons are a health booster.

  5. Ooh! Can I come and eat at your house? That last paragraph made me drool. Do wha' cha like. You are going through chemo right now; you can do whatever you want to make yourself happy.

  6. That is why my blog has a contract stating that I may not respond back with a reply, etc. I just delete. I don't feel bad. Sometimes I will read a book from one of those inquiries but not often.