Thursday, January 12, 2017


My craving for pasta runs deep this week. Adding Orzo to our chicken soup helped and making and doctoring up a box of Annie's Mac & Cheese helped. I love anything Annie's. Annie's Tomato Soup is awesome. Den and I mix tiny pasta in that, too! Adding butter and Parmesan Reggiano Cheese takes it over the top! We are both pasta crazy!


There is a recipe on Bon Appetit for pasta with an oven roasted tomato sauce. You use canned whole tomatoes and butter. I am trying it this weekend.

My fave canned tomatoes...

And bake noodle lasagna...there's a really simple recipe on Epicurious that uses three cheeses and spinach.

Finishing this was so good. I loved being in the midst of the complicated relationship of Evan and Julia...two not so nice least I think they are millenials...the not so nice part I am sure about...especially Julia!

Up next...I think finally fantasy...

It's rainy here...we are in all day...Den is determined to clean the entire downstairs. I try to grant him his wishes...heeheehee.









  1. I love pasta too but don't eat it very often. Your thoughts on The Futures crack me up. It sounds good!

    1. Why is it no matter how good a book least one character becomes totally annoying!

  2. I wasn't aware that Annie's made soup but then I see it's AMY'S. I've had Amy's other soups but not liked them. I will have to see if the tomato one has gluten. The Annie's GF mac and cheese is pretty good in a pinch when I am really craving mac and cheese.

  3. Yum! Pasta and soup are my favorites...and pie, too, but you don't have any today. LOL.

    The Futures is bookmarked for me on Amazon.

    Enjoy your reading, pasta, and soup.

  4. That book sounds good. I love the looks of that vegetarian lasagna. I wish sometimes Costco would see lasagna noodles and orzo in bulk.

    1. I always use no bake noodles but I have never seen them at Costco! Sigh!