Friday, October 21, 2016

Still Maintaining My Pace...

I am starting to really love my slow but steady treadmill walks! Den has entertained himself by working on the basement while I was recuperating and while I am on the treadmill. He truly is amazing. The basement is now organized in sections...and it's so neat...books, giveaways, trash, holiday bins, clothing, furniture, quilts and blankets...once we get all of the trash out...and by trash I mean my old school stuff and magazines and stuff we just don't want...we will call in a company to haul it away. Why oh why did I ever keep my school stuff? I hated to part with it but now I am just telling Den to trash it. If I did it I would stop and look at everything I am not going to look at it! Ever again!

Don't you think that is the best thing to do?



I literally just closed my Kindle on this book...if you are looking for a fast paced mystery...this one works! I loved this book...sad, sort of complicated, and filled with uniquely interestingly flawed characters.

Up next...these...they should get me through college football on Saturday...where the players let their legs show and big boy football on Sunday where the players are all covered up. I will read these unless Overdrive surprises me.

This one sounds good...a girl with no experience starts a job in admissions in NYC's cutthroat world of private schools...she has also just been dumped by her boy toy.


And this is the one readers are not able to put down...

We might make these...from Damn Delicious. OMG...this looks soooo good to me! But we always use organic nitrate sulfate free hot dogs. So it's not quite as bad as it sounds and we use antibiotic free bison for the chili. I love that we are vegetarians...heeheehee! This is Saturday's treat!

And this Tuna And Tomato Pasta Bake from Simply Recipes...when the big boys play ball on Sunday!

Our weekend will be spent at home...away from germs and crowds...resting and gathering up those little white blood cells!

Hugs to my peeps!



Wednesday, October 19, 2016

That Extra Minute...

Yesterday's treadmill...was a nice pace...and 13 minutes...but that extra minute is hard goal is to try to maintain or add an extra minute a stretching and some weights...

This is the book I really wanted and I got it yesterday!


I finished kind of got muddled for me in its middle but it had a totally fascinating ending.



And on Overdrive...


Even though in bold statements I am being told that I am the next person to get the book...I am still waiting! There should be a way to nudge people! Or at least a read it or return it message! I would be happy to send it!

We had a busy morning...I need to rest...I might just cuddle up in bed with Netflix...I am truly loving The Bletchley Circle! Today was supposed to be a Chemotherapy Day but I was sent home because my white blood count was low. They said this is normal...I am supposed to make sure that I stay away from lots of people and make sure everything I eat is thoroughly washed. This will put Den over the top. He already has bottles of Purell all over our house and we are the only two people here!




Tuesday, October 18, 2016

My Protectors?

My sweet Lucy Grace and my spicy Roxie Blue...are staying very close to me! This is my lap! These are my cats in my lap! Today is a deliciously normal day...Den is at the office...the girls and I are home alone...we will read and blog and later I will walk on my treadmill! I walked yesterday for 12 minutes! Slowly...then I did some felt great but I really can't believe how much that surgery took out of me! They say my kind of surgery could be a 6 to 8 month recovery! But I will get there! I know I will! I feel like me! I could almost cry because it feels so good to feel like me...

This book...what would it be like if your mother sleepwalked herself out of your life one night? This book is good!




Monday, October 17, 2016

The Link?

My Popsugar link did not work...I totally forgot how to link! Just google Popsugar 27 Best Fall Books if you are interested.

I actually think that it's the Blogsy Linker that doesn't work!




Book Thoughts...

Loved this book...and...I am trying not to say anything about the ending...

Reading this...thanks to Laurel-Rain...I didn't even realize I had's absorbing and intense and just really good.

I follow this cool site called Popsugar...they recently had an article about must reads for this fall. I linked to it so you could check out the titles. At least I think I linked to it! I kind of forgot how to link!

The following books are the ones I really want to read...



This is one that I really want to read. There are 5 people ahead of me on Overdrive but who knows what that means. I want this book! It's supposed to be soooooo good!

Have a great Monday! It's in the 80's here!