Friday, June 24, 2016

That Darn Mouse!

This little guy is the reason the AC kept turning off all week! Morvent came in talking about how this kind of shut off was usually the sign of a bad compressor...Den and I are thinking...drats...we need a new AC...but we are running again for now. This little guy chewed up all the connecting wires!

Then...we are always careful with the kitties when workers are in...but Den got distracted and Roxie was in the basement with our repair man! We don't allow her down there ever...there are boxes and plastic and everything she loves to chew, swallow and choke on! So I have no clue what is in her tummy!

Reading this but I am not really that into might be time for a fantasy adventure!


Take care..have a great week end...see you on Monday!




Thursday, June 23, 2016

Hot Days, Rainy Days And AC Switches!

This has been a rough week...Den has been in Milwaukee...and of course when he is away I have to do everything here... trash, kitty maintenance...and running up and down to flick the AC switch...I haven't cleaned or really done anything extra...kitty maintenance is involved and I have not been playing with Roxie enough. I don't fuss enough when I give them their breakfast, lunch, and dinner. They look at me as if to say...what? No song? No dance? No candles? They miss the way Den feeds them! He tracks e

very can he feeds them so that they don't eat the same food in a day...I have been grabbing cans without looking at them...the way they look at me is priceless!

Reading's about a musician who takes a job as a nanny and then something life changing happens.

Hoping Den makes his flight through all of the storms happening today!




Wednesday, June 22, 2016

A Weird Wednesday?

So...with all the dire warnings of storms and hail and wind yesterday...we got nothing! is really hot here and by mid afternoon the entire house began to feel really warm. I put my foot over a grate and sure enough...only warm air. I called Den and armed with a flashlight I went down to the basement to the circuit box...for some reason the air conditioning switches were off...pushing them to on fixed everything but it happened again in the middle of the night so I had to do it again...our bedroom is the hottest room and the hardest to cool down...we should have AC'd it separately. In order to sleep at night we have to set the AC at 65...which makes the rest of the house frigid!

Reading's just a lovely fun beachy book about a mother and daughter. The daughter was abducted by her father when she was 2 months old and not reunited with her mother until 17 years later...

Reviewing this lovely book for's filled with amazing salads!
Just a few salads from the book!


Off to read, nap, watch TV?




Tuesday, June 21, 2016


So...what I learned about this that it is related to the book posted below it. Russell and Corrine were the main characters in Brightness Falls but in this new book they are older and perhaps not quite as comfortable as they used to is taking its toll in NYC. The book is good but I wish I had read Brightness Falls.

We have severe storm warnings posted for today from noon until six...hail, wind and lightning so I am sure we won't have power!

The girls and I are trying to charge every toy we own!




Monday, June 20, 2016


I really disliked this book...that is all I am going to say about it...hmmm...well...maybe I will add how confusing it was and how much I hate time travel. I might hate time travel even more than flashbacks. And with that said...this cover is closed...

I read this...cute and kind of reminded me of another book but I can't think of the name of the other book.

And now I am reading is starting out just a tad slow...

This week for me is filled with lots of medical tests...yuck! And my tummy still kind of hurts...double yuck! But I have some meds so that should help until I get a straitened out gut! I am all for a good gut!