Friday, April 8, 2016

Thank Goodness For Blogger!

My beloved Blogsy is a mess...the app doesn't even exist any more and Lance The Inventor told me what to do but I can't even find what he said to find.  If you have Blogsy it should still work but Apple had an upgrade that I think caused my Blogsy to self destruct! I have to figure out some stuff like getting my own domain etc but it's Friday after all...I need to read while Den is watching The Masters! 
Plus I am making pizzas...with Trader Joe's Dough! 

If you don't mind I will post the winners of this book over the weekend! Probably tomorrow! 

Finished this book...sad and sweet and funny and lovely! 
Now I am reading this...supposed to be The Mad Men of the publishing world...we shall see! 

Thursday, April 7, 2016

Pictures Were Gone! I Just Reposted! What A Blogging Mess I Am In!

Wednesday flew by without a blog post from me...but...I have reasons! 

It was...

Roxie And Lucy Have To Go To The Vet For A Check Up Day! 


Roxie gets her yearly physical...she is fine other than having a severe reaction to her rabies shot so this year we are doing the shot separately...we are taking her first thing in the morning...she is getting a shot of Benedryl...then her rabies shot...and she is staying there until they she can be monitored. This will be one entire day devoted to worry...on my part. But she gets to bring her own lunch. Roxie is so tiny! She weighs 6.9 pounds! 

Lucy goes in every 6 months...for blood work and an elder kitty physical...cold laser has helped her knee immensely! Bea (our vet) says she has great muscle tone. Lucy weighs about 9 pounds. Generally Den and I both take them in two separate carriers. Once we get to the exam room...Roxie explores and Lucy just screams. 


So we dropped them off at home and zipped out for lunch and a quick trip to Trader Joe's. We had a need for these. And a need for some other Trader Joe's things...hummus, Thai Chicken Salad, goat cheese, tiny jarred olives that we are addicted to and triple ginger we wanted to make goody gift bags for the vet and the office staff to make up for Lucy's howling and because they are so sweet there...

So after lunch we wanted to sit and watch Happy Valley and one more we did! I think that every "old" actor and actress in the world has been on Colombo! I saw Janet Leigh shoot her husband, Robert Vaughn shoot his GF, Dick Van Dyke shoot his really mean wife, John Cassavetes shoot his GF and more...I have no clue why I never really even watched this series before but I love it on Netflix! 


Just finished's a first attempt at a mystery...actually the start of a cozy mystery series with two retired ladies as the main characters...Hope and Maggie. In this first book the "girls" are vacationing in Maine at a quaint inn and an irritating guest is murdered! It was good! 


Now I am reading this...a young girl, a dying grandmother and her last wishes. 

So...this is kind of my Wednesday/Thursday combo post! 

Den is putting some of those yummy Trader Joe's olives into a drink for us! I need it! Apple had an upgrade and now Blogsy won't work...I am posting for now on Blogger until I figure this out! 





Tuesday, April 5, 2016

A Giveaway For Girls In The Garden! I Know! So Exciting!

This is the book that I savored on my Kindle almost every night last week. It kept my Kindle pages curiosity and involvement with these families and their vast array of issues never stopped. This book was a long lovely and delicious reading experience for me. Lisa Jewell is so proficient at writing these involved family stories. This book had everything that I love in a book...mean girls, slightly questionable characters as well as really questionable characters. Plus it had a mystery...involving past characters. Again...I loved this book! is the most awesome news! The publisher is giving me 3...yes...3 copies to give away!

You have to be so excited! Seriously excited about this! I know I am and I have already read it!

So...since I have no clue how to do comment on my blog...this blog! I will then put your names into my fave summer straw hat...Den will serve as "watcher" as will Lucy and Roxie and I will announce the winner on Friday!

These two will keep the drawing above board!

Hugs and good luck everyone! Three copies! Three copies! Most likely US sorry!



Monday, April 4, 2016

Oh My Netflix!

We have never wanted to use Netflix but they have a "try a month" free offer that we opted into yesterday. So...we spent our cold dreary Sunday bingeing on this series until 11:00 PM when Den said he could not watch it any more. It's a police drama that won all kinds of BAFTA awards. It's involved so I won't bother to tell you what it's about but it's so good. I love watching Grantchester on Amazon Prime Video and the bad guy in Happy Valley...and I mean really the good angelic guy in Grantchester.

Here he is as bad guy Tommy on Happy Valley.
Here he is as the mystery solving priest on Grantchester.
Here he is as his sweet self in real life.
Oh my!

I am also a tad bit obsessed with airs on Comcast at 9:00 PM on Sunday nights but it's all over the place at Netflix...about a million seasons. It's sort of weird and predictable but I love it!

So...I already mentioned how much I loved this book...

I also read but didn't love so much this one...and I thought I would love it.

I read this one, too, and enjoyed it...mystery, Maine, mean people...what else is there to say?

Reading this now...more mystery but it's what I am in the mood for...

New books...


What they are about...briefly...

1. The Singer From Memphis...a historical mystery...

2. Lily And Dunkin...a story about a transgender girl and a bipolar boy...

3. The Girls...Northern California...1960's...

4. Diana's Altar...mystery...Cambridge...1933..

5. When Friendship Followed Me Home...a boy, a scruffy dog, love loss, family...

6. Smoke...a thriller, a fantasy, a mystery with just a touch of horror...

7. At The Edge Of Summer...friendship and war...

8. Arrowood...mystery, kidnapping, a grand historical house and its secrets...