Friday, March 4, 2016

A Yummy Book And Thoughts Of Food!

I loved this book...other than getting up to feed kitties and do laundry and prep for dinner...I was alone all day and I took the day off to really just read this book. It was "wordalicious"...this author writes in such a beautiful and descriptive way!
Briefly...Catherine marries George because she is pregnant. He is a psychopath and a creep and worse! Franny is their sweet baby but Cathy is brutally murdered while Franny is in their farmhouse. Guess who is the prime suspect?
You got it...
The thing about this book that I loved is its slow suspense filled pace!
This book should not be missed!

So...I found a new food blog today called 3 boys unprocessed. I can't wait to try some of her recipes!

Homemade Hamburger has only good stuff in it!
A healthy beefaroni...
Oven fried chicken...

Three cheese tortellini soup!

One of these is on the menu tomorrow!

Have a great and awesome week end!



I hope to read at least one of these...


Thursday, March 3, 2016

Yesterday Was Weird...

So...while we were at our hotel yesterday...relaxing...we get a phone call from our alarm company that our house alarm went's the mud room door...and they have called the police because they could not reach us.

So...we go into a full blown panic. All that I am thinking is that there are very bad burglars in the house!!! Doors are open everywhere and Roxie and Lucy walked outside! My kitties are in trouble! Or my alternate nightmare is that a door blew open...apparently it was amazingly windy here yesterday...and Roxie and Lucy have escaped to the great outdoors where they have no sense of direction, survival or sense of the outside! They are lost in the wilderness! They are fighting for their survival! They were catnapped!


Luckily the indoor cam showed them both in their beds sound asleep. We called our police...the kind officer said that he tried every door and everything was secure. We called our neighbor and the cat sitter...they went over to check...all doors were secure. So we relaxed.

Then on our drive home the alarm company called again...same door same thing!

We told them to ignore it...we think it had to be the wind?

We prayed it was the wind.

We were stuck in traffic on a beltway outside of Washington D.C.

Getting home soon was not in our reality!

Our GPS turned a 3 1/2 hour trip into a 6 hour nightmare. We crawled home!

For some reason the GPS lady chose the worst possible route. We were starving and there was no place to stop! We were barely moving for hours!

It was awful!


And...the worst part of the trip home was that we had our own alternate route that took us totally away from any of would have taken 30 minutes more and taken us to a great lunch spot but we didn't want to waste an extra hour stopping.

But we are home now...trying to forget the drive...the most awful drive ever!

And of course neither kitty has forgiven us.

They are actually ignoring us!

Hopefully forgiveness will come soon.

While we were away we had a camera focused on the kitty beds...every night we saw Lucy tap Roxie and give her a goodnight kiss. She would reach over into Roxie's bed and do this. The kiss on the head is something I do to both of them every night. Was Lucy reassuring Roxie? It was really sweet!


Reading this...from Amazon...

"A singularly compelling debut novel, about a desert where people go to escape their past, and a truck driver who finds himself at risk when he falls in love with a mysterious woman." to unpack...clean a little and make up with my girls...




Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Sheer Total Unadulterated Randomness...

We are wiped out...we are still in bed in our hotel room...reading, sipping coffee and trying to get energized for our drive back to Pennsylvania.

So...on with my randomness...

In assessing a potential move to Charlottesville this is what we have learned.

There are tons of wineries in Charlottesville.

There are mountains here, too!

There is a Trader Joe's.

There is a Whole Foods.

There will be a Wegman's in the fall.

People seem to be friendly here.

Sweetbreads are a popular food item here. Gag!

There is a book festival here.

There is an Amtrak Station.

We still love this house..with modifications.

So...the four of us have a lot to think about!








Tuesday, March 1, 2016


Loved this book...academia...Colorado...cozy mystery...that about sums it up!

It's really good!


We are away but returning home tomorrow. The kitties have a kitty nanny who is there with them 24/7.

We are watching them with our in house camera system.

We are house hunting in Virginia.

We wanted to get here and feel the vibe...get the mojo...we sort of really like it here.

We spent hours in the house we may build!

It's a tad smaller but the upgrades are freaking me out! I can have a Wolfe knobs!


I can still have a sun room and a vaulted ceiling bedroom but in a more manageable space. It suits us. I kind of love it.

We shall see!

Dinner last night was here...totally awesome...

Tonight we ate here...

We are exhausted!

Talk soon...



Monday, February 29, 2016

Hot! Hot! Hot!

It's really warm here and today was a whirlwind of a day...finished a few books over the weekend. None really memorable...except perhaps this one...


I think I am starting this one sounds so good I can't stand it! I have been trying to get it for review! Thank you, lovely NetGalley! Thank you Orbit Books! Cults, dead body, NYC...I love this stuff!


Some other new ones...I love Ann Hood! This one has a 25 year marriage falling apart and other lovely dysfunctional issues!

And two new YA's...

Must thank Edelweiss and NetGalley for these lovely treasures!

Off to prep for dinner!