Saturday, January 30, 2016


So...yesterday was a Friday without that Friday feel...I knew it was a Friday but it didn't feel like a Friday...and the last thing I thought of at 11:59 PM was my little blog...sigh! And then I fell asleep. My iPad was on the kitty's chaise lounge right next to me and I was going to grab it and blog but...I fell asleep and I didn't wake up until 7:00 AM. As soon as I woke up I reached for my Paperwhite...and immediately started my book...Try Not To Breathe...and I have been reading between doing other stuff...ever since! It's so good. It's all about a 15 year old girl who makes the worst decision of her life and has been in a sort of vegetative state for the last 15 years and the washed out reporter...Alex...who has lost, husband, self esteem...because she needs to have 5 chilled bottles of a crisp white wine in her fridge at all times! She drinks them! Every night! Alex is a sloppy barely held together mess but she is now invested in trying to find out what happened to Amy. The mystery...the writing...the storyline in this book...I am loving every bit of it! This book is so good!

Finally made this soup for dinner last night...from's delicious! It is seriously like eating a bowl of meaty sauce! Everything cooks in the same pot. I had pre diced carrots, celery and onion from Trader Joe's...I added a huge can of plum tomato purée, another of organic beef stock. I added a handful of fresh parsley and basil, a few rinds of a really good Parmisano Reggiano cheese. Once it was bubbling I tossed in the Acini de pepe...tiny little pasta pebbles that cook right in the sauce. I also added a few squirts of a really good tomato paste! Den and I were loving every bite. It doesn't make a huge amount...which I love!
This is the tiny pasta that all Italian moms feed their babies...buttered and loaded with Italian cheese. My mom made the best!
The Red Lion Bakers made bread we had fresh bread with it...soooooo delicious! And you can't walk out of their house without grabbing a few brownies!
Tonight we are having carnitas from Damn Delicious! Love her recipes! These have the juices of oranges and limes plus a rub plus onions and garlic...slow roasting in my slow cooker...
We are getting ready to binge watch some am off to watch and to read...
Have a great week end! We will all be back on Monday!
A rare treasured moment of calm before Lucy gets mad and huffs off and Roxie looks at me as if to say...what did I do?


Thursday, January 28, 2016


Den is in San Antonio for a meeting but will be back home in a few hours. The girls and I are having a sort of "when the cat's away" day. Here is what it consists of...

Last night? Sleeping across the bed with kitties next to me. They won't do this when Den is home.

Eating crackers...not bagels... and garden veggie spread in bed for dinner...Den would freak!

Binge watching...The far really fascinating...
Binge watching...The Shadow good...not epic...but I love it!
Last...binge watching this...not Game Of Thrones but soooo yummy!
I love watching these when Den is away because I can just watch without explaining anything. Plus I have threatened Den with a running commentary and annoying questions for the Super Bowl if he makes fun of any of these! Questions to include...why do they wear orange...what is that marker Payton a vegetarian...what do you think Tom Brady is doing today...can you pick your own they eat at half time...I have dozens more that are even more annoying!
Loved this book! It was gritty, sexy, intense, annoying, bewildering...the best crime drama I have read in a long time!
Reading this...sweet, endearing, intriguing...lovely! I love Ethan and Claire already!
I think this is a buttered noodles kind of day...mmmm...a warm steamy bowl of little tiny pasta shells with butter and Parmesano Reggiano cheese shavings...dessert? Trader Joe's Triple Ginger Cookies!
Randomness about to appear here...
Do you ever worry about your memory? Keeping it intact? I do...all of the time...especially after reading...The Secrets We Keep...reading a book about memory loss makes me think I have memory loss...sigh!
I am playing these...they better help! They are both's worth it to buy the Clockwork Brain one...$4.99...the other one is $'s a weirdly unique yet addictive number game! The Clockwork Brain one constantly changes. So does Kenken...
People! Have a good one!



Wednesday, January 27, 2016

No Post Tuesday...I Ran Out Of Time?

Yesterday was our first day out since the blizzard! The deck is still covered in snow. Half of the roof is covered in snow. It seems as though it rained last night and some areas iced over? Schools were finally open but with two hour delays. Den tried shoveling snow from the decks but it was impossible. He finally went up to the second floor bathrooms and tried to shovel snow from the part of the roof he could reach which really just put more snow on the decks. The drive we took was eerie...the snow is piled up everywhere and is still white and looks beautiful but it will be black and gray and awful soon. It's supposed to snow another inch today but it feels too warm for snow. Oh...Den is coughing and coughing...suddenly. Sigh!

Loving this book...I will finish it today!

Other randomness...I want these food Food Cubbies...from The Grommet...foods won't mingle!
I do not know why jarred salads appeal to me...this one is from SkinnyTaste. I want a row of these lined up in my refrigerator for a week of salad lunches.
Super Bowl snack? Crafty Mom has awesome recipes!
Kitty comfort for a coughing Den...
Surveying her domain?
Yummy new books...I love quirky!
I loved loved loved this author's first book!
This is her new one!
I feel as though I am not reading fast enough!
Off to make some chicken soup for you know who...






Monday, January 25, 2016

It's Still A Tundra Out There!

Schools are closed here today. Den tried to shovel snow from the deck but it wouldn't budge...we can't even open the deck doors! Tons of people were putting on swim suits and diving into huge snow drifts. I don't think I want to be that cold!

Now that's a drift!

I finished a few books this weekend...and I plan to start and finish these this week...
A chilling mystery...
I think this one is middle grade and sounds beautiful...
From Amazon...

A "beautifully written, heartbreaking" (S. J. Watson) debut novel about a gifted boy who discovers the truth about his past, his overprotective single mother who tries desperately to shield him from it, and the father he has never met who has unexpectedly returned.

Dystopian YA...first in a trilogy...
The that trilogy.
Making this tomorrow...from SkinnyTaste...thank you, Joann, for showing me this site! It's called...Beef, Tomato and Acini di Pepe Soup!
Take care!