Friday, December 16, 2016

What's Going On...


Finished this long and complicated yet intensely interesting book...the book is really good but seriously I never thought I would finish it! It is not a book to read quickly!

Up next...

One of these...


It is really freezing cold here! No snow just freezing cold weather!


Baked rigatoni that will taste like lasagna. Den and I will make it together! It will have ricotta cheese and fresh mozzarella cheese and a lovely meat sauce...then we will bake it in the oven to get all melty and cheesy. And it actually tastes like a really yummy lasagna.

Slouchy beanies...

I love these and wear them all of the time...I think I am more comfy in these than a wig...I am getting lots made by by sister and I am buying lots from Nordstroms...

So we are going to decorate differently this year...just taking out the bigger Santa's...and not as much as we usually do...but we have talked about it and it will work for us this year.
So...Den is at his Office Christmas party, the girls and I are relaxing and waiting for the nurse to come and change my pick line...
The Weekend is decorating and cleaning and trying to stay warm!
See you with more book news on Monday!



  1. It is cold here too! I can see why you like the beanies better - they keep your head warm. Have fun decorating!

  2. Love the hats...and that rigatoni. I've been eyeing How Will I Know You...and I always enjoy Susan Lewis.

    Thanks for sharing...and stay warm!

  3. That rigatoni looks so good! I do love pasta smothered in those big cheeses.

  4. The beanies with beads look so festive... and the baked rigatoni has me drooling! It's been really cold here and that looks like a perfect comforting dinner! I'm curious about How Will I Know You? now. Off to find out more. Have a good weekend, Patty!

  5. Love the hats! The pasta dish looks delicious too. Enjoy!

    1. I have become quite a hat wearer! The pasta was truly does taste like lasagna without all of the work!

    2. Did you just improvise the recipe or do you have a link? I'd make it!

    3. Here is a link but I used a huge jar of La Victoria sauce and mixed eveverything else together in a big bowl...poured it into a big glass casserole dish and then dumped in the sauce...I think my one huge jar might be the equivalent of two regular sized jars. Plus you can use any pasta you like. It was delicious!
      I baked it on a cookie sheet, case of overflow!

    4. There are a ton of recipes out there for this, too.

  6. Oh no...cheese!!!! Love those hats. They look so snuggly...*is that a word?!* :-) ♥