Monday, December 19, 2016


My life right now...

I stay home other than doctor appointments. I must admit to being afraid of the unknown germs that are out there in the world. I never in my life had a year where I didn't need or want to buy a ton of clothes...sigh!

But this year is different...Den doesnt shake hands in church and we keep Purell everywhere!

My gingersnap cookie story...

I was on the phone Saturday ordering Christmas cookies. Ginger snaps, iced sugar cookies, gingerbread men, oatmeal raisin, and chocolate chip pecan from Talulah's Table. Of course I was sad and I was telling the sweet girl I was talking to that I couldn't bake this year and why...she was amazing and helped me lots and when she took my name and number she said I taught her brother in second grade and that every student who had me as their teacher never forgot the year with me in second grade. I tell you this just so you know how much I loved teaching and to hear this now just about broke my heart. It's amazing how meaningful simple words are.


We did it! Not all of the treasures we usually put out but lots of the big stuff!

The tree...

Bundling up and going to get it today!



We were going to skip presents totally but after living with that idea for a few days we couldn't do what we did was order stuff...the same number...for each other. I think Den did not even look at my list...and we used only Nordstrom's but I snuck in a little Sundance, too. So when the boxes arrive we will tie a ribbon around them and open them randomly...I think it will be fun...not our normal Christmas but a different one for our different times.

I will let you know how it turns out!


The three I read over the week end...ick...I didn't love all!

New books...

I must admit to picking this up and reading it now...


That is my Monday...tree, more decorating and baked tacos for dinner! The first day of our festive week! Hopefully?





  1. I love your decorations...and I'm curious about the new Joshilyn Jackson. Baked tacos! Yum.❤


  2. I could tell you were a great teacher! It must have felt so good to know what an impact you made on all those kids.

    I'm jealous you got the new Jackson book.

    1. You are so sweet! I can't wait to start it! I love her work!

  3. You really sound like you're having a semi normal week. I'm so happy for you that you've decorated and are getting a tree! Roxie and LG look adorable :) Cookies - you have to place an order from sweetgirl cookies in North Carolina sometime - they are wonderful!

  4. I love Joshilyn Jackson and really look forward to that one!
    Enjoy the holidays any way you can. It has been years since we had a normal one.

  5. How lovely to be told that and to be remembered! What a cute place. You do what you can. Every year doesn't have to be celebrated the same.

  6. What a wonderful chance encounter on the phone! I just knew you were a great teacher, too. Have I told you my sister teaches second grade? The baked tacos look SO good!!!

    1. Thank didn't know your sister teaches second's a wonderful grade!

  7. What a beautiful bakery shop! Wish I could go there.

    The "girls" don't look too excited about the seasonal dress-up; maybe Santa will bring them a present for being on best behavior while your daily routine is changed up? Have a wonderful week ahead!

    1. My girls are always fussy with clothes on!

  8. Ooh...those cookies sound awesome---lots of ginger! One can tell by your lovely home, your awesome decorations, the attention you pay to detail, you were a magical teacher. Hearing the young lady say what she did, confirms my suspicions: You were a teacher never to be forgotten. Love ya! :-) ♡

    1. Thank you! It warms my heart to hear you...actually read you...write those words!