Tuesday, July 5, 2016

We Retreat!

Our deck is being power washed and getting prepped for staining. It's noisy and the girls and I have again retreated to our room. We have iPads, Kindles and stacks of books...Jessica Fletcher is on in the background...helping the police in places other than Cabot Cove...I didn't realize that she solves mysteries everywhere! Fashion shows in Paris, plays in London, ranches in Colorado, and all over NYC...when a body drops...Jessica is right there to help! But she really only bakes pies in Cabot Cove...when she is in NYC she uses a bakery.

Just finished this...loved it! Lakes, lake houses, two sisters with sort of normal problems...reading this book was so relaxing!

Not sure what I am reading next...

Maybe one of these?


Off to try to chill...





  1. How's the air conditioner stuff going? Our downstairs unit is doing right and they're coming tomorrow to check it out. Of course, Carl won't be here.

  2. I am glad these things are getting done, because then you can really relax! The book "Love, Alice" has me very intrigued.

  3. I am late coming here today...reading Friction by Sandra Brown and waiting for my car to be ready. It was in the shop all day, having the air bag recall (repair) done. It took them over a year to get to it after telling us there was a recall!

    Meanwhile, nobody could sit in the front seat passenger side.

    I picked up my car, and at 5:30 p.m., the temperature was 102. I went to The Elephant Bar for dinner, with a cold drink.

    Glad you have AC...enjoy!

  4. How wonderful your deck will look in the end but I can't blame you for wanting to get away from the noise.

    1. After a while the pounding stopped and quiet was restored!