Thursday, July 21, 2016

Our Man Of Steel!

He does everything for us! Cups of tea, big glasses of ice water, breakfasts in bed, lunches and dinners in bed...even when I beg that I am not hungry! He drives me to appointments...he has even done my laundry! And so much more! Den will do anything and everything for his little family! He took Lucy for her xrays, he plays with Roxie nonstop and he is single handedly keeping this big house in order...sorta...heeheehee! He is even keeping the outdoor flowers blooming! He has watched at least 30 Murder She Wrotes with me, too!

What a guy!

All I can do is promise to return all of his kindnesses as soon as I can!

Reading this...very summery yummy!






  1. Den is a keeper for sure! I'm glad he's there to take care of you and the girls.

  2. Den is awesome! Glad you're resting. You'll get your mojo back soon...until then sending healing thought and hugs.

  3. Glad you're getting in good rest Patty.

  4. What a blessing! I think he should get a group of guys together and give lessons! Hee hee hee...