Wednesday, May 4, 2016


This book! It is sooooo good but it is making me crazy! The premise is that as readers...we get to see three...I think three but now I am not certain...different scenarios unfold for the same three people...perhaps that's where the three came from? Eva and David...Eva and Jim...then Eva and David and their daughter Sarah and then Eva And David and their daughter that four? The book is awesome but I am starting to not enjoy this many different outcomes...of course I could be overly sensitive to this book because I can't even decide if I want my beach house or not!


I am still crazy over bowl foods! Just take a look at these! Plus now I feel the need to acquire some new bowls! I have tons of white ones but I want some earthy clay ones...

From Nutrition Stripped...

From The Kitchn...
From Andie Mitchell...


Still talking, chatting, dreaming, thinking about keeping this house...which we love...and having a small beach place barely two hours away!

These two have not cast their vote yet. I think Roxie is trying to sway Lucy into a yes long as the litter box is in the right spot!
Off to prep a bowl food lunch!



  1. Yeah, that books does not sounds like one I want to attempt. A beach house, however, sounds lovely.

    1. It's good but wow! It is confusing!

  2. Bowl food sounds so yummy. I used to make kalbi + bibimbap plates. Glad you had a great book to read. Having a beach house to slip away to sounds lovely.

    1. Bowl foods! They do sound great...don't they?

  3. A beach getaway sounds heavenly!

    I have a thing for dishes and bowls in particular.

  4. The bowl foods are gorgeous! And I vote for staying where you are and adding a small beach place. I would love to do that...but I don't have a big house. Just a small condo. LOL.

    Enjoy deciding....

  5. I love the bowl foods, too. They are always just right...and they go well with a good book.
    I think you will be very happy where you are. You love it there and it is already "yours", decorations, decor, "home". Yes, add a beach house. Perfect!

    1. Annie...this has been a year of experimenting...circling around different places...trying to figure out what we really want...we may have done that...we will see!