Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Today Was Hair Day!

The one hour one minute drive to Skippack is exhausting. It's over the busiest traffic, road construction, crazy driver highway ever. We actually saw a driver flip around lanes and pass a State Trooper. Unbelievable. So with appointments at 11:00 the day is shot. Plus one of our cars needed diesel fuel and we pulled into the busiest Wawa in the state. Then I always have in the back of my mind that this time I will have a reaction to color. So far so good but I have had a stomach ache since we pounded down a Shackburger at 3:00...not feeling so great. Plus I took a Benedryl and the minute we came home I took a shower and fell into bed...totally wiped out. But I have streaky hair now which helps to hide the grays!

Reading's really good. Arden was 8 years old when she left her twin 2 year old sisters alone in their front yard while she went to get them dandelions. They were never seen again. Arden inherits her family home...Arrowood. And of course while she is there she is uncovering some of her family's secrets. Nothing is as it seems. And it appears as though way too many things have been kept hidden.

Off to read...





  1. It was hair day for me too, but I just had mine cut.

  2. Your hair is getting long and it's much lighter now. Getting ready for summer are we?

    1. Yes! I am! It's longish in the front and shortish in the back!

  3. We will weather so much for our hair, won't we?

  4. Sorry it was such a rough commute and day. Get some rest.