Friday, April 15, 2016

So...When Den Is Away...

When Den is traveling for work...I literally read nonstop. There isn't any cooking or cleaning it organizing...I just tidy the house...and read. It's like my own tiny little reading marathon.

The kitties love it...they are by my side wherever I read be it deck, sunroom, family room or bedroom. I mostly eat salads or a baked potato and cottage cheese...and read!

So...Den has been gone since early Monday...he just returned last night around midnight.

And he is at his desk this morning...working. I just love that he is retired!

So...I finished these...

Surprisingly I loved Troublemaker the was edgy yet smooshy...a wounded agent recuperating with a small town sheriff with a definite chip on her shoulder...and Tricks The Wonder Dog...and you know the bad guys are coming back for him.

Baby Doll was a fast reading experience...the kind of book that you know could be a TV movie...good but not great. A young girl is kidnapped and hidden away by her abductor for years and finally one day he leaves the door unlocked and she escapes...duh!

Before The Wind? A great family sailing saga with the most clever chapter titles and humor but...way too much sailing jargon for me...I could only think about that feeling that I get when I am on a sailboat feeling seasick. Ick! It was a lovely story, though.


Now...Den is home and my reading pace is so much slower...there are blue skies coming and yard work and closets to clean!

Reading these...this is my daytime book...Lisa Trumperton...I love that name...finds out her husband has a GF so she divorces him and moves back to's a fun, relaxing book! She is going to restore her family home with a crew of crazies and a one eyed kitty!

This is my nighttime Kindle book...a teacher leaves Boston and her private school job and returns to Mystic, Connecticut for the summer. It's most definitely a lovely beach book. Mystic is a place close to my heart. We always stopped and spent the night there on our way to Maine. We stayed at a great inn...with Lucy...and either ate at their amazing restaurant or ordered Mystic Pizza. Remember the Julia Roberts movie? It's a beautiful town.




This was my Thursday post that I didn't remember to post until Lucy woke me up at 3 ish this morning!

Now it's 4:30 and I am wide awake yet exhausted!



  1. You are having way too much fun! *wink*

  2. I enjoy it when Carl's gone for a day or two as well. You need to get Lucy a kitty clock!

    1. The problem is that she is sooo smart she has an internal clock for everything!

  3. I love Mystic, CT too! We used to live in Fairfield county in the mid 80s and always enjoyed a trip to MystIc :)

  4. Looks like you have been doing a ton of reading. Yeah for you! The two books you are reading look great. I only live an hour and a half from Mystic. So many fun places to visit there- though I don't think I have ever had Mystic Pizza (but I have heard of it). :)

    1. I just really miss it and need to go back!

  5. I read when my husband is gone too! Next week will be my reading marathon - can't wait :)

    1. I think many of us have this in common!

  6. I love being lazy and not having to worry about anyone but myself. Hoo-rah on unlimited reading jags.