Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Spring Cleaning...

We were back in the basement again today...or rather Den was...sorting through paperwork...while Den sorted paper I worked on an upstairs closet...I ended up with over 100 dresses, skirts, tops, blouses and jackets to give away. If I didn't love it I put it in the giveaway pile. All of my things are so gently used that I hope my stuff will make others really happy.


I needed my next book to be a dystopian fantasy...I am so happy I chose this's perfect for me! Dark cities...light cities...doppelgängers...and magic!


We are having BLT's for dinner...ugly tomatoes provide a taste of a summer tomato and avocados help, too!

Off to read...and I am kind of watching a TLC marathon on this amazingly patient doctor who does weight loss's definitely an appetite killer...this sweet but really overweight lady just asked him if she could have a carrot for a snack and he said NO SNACKS EVER!!! She used to eat a bag of candy for a snack twice a day!







  1. BLTs are the best thing ever.

    You have a ton of clothes. I'm sure they will make someone very happy as you have good taste, too.

  2. Well ho dang, your donation pile. That's some major spring cleaning there. I've never had a BLT, something to consider for future lunches/dinners.

  3. That must have been a fun chore, going through clothes. Enjoy the BLTs. Sounds good!

  4. Ooh, avocado on a BLT sounds divine.

  5. Yummy to the BLT with avocado!! OMG to your donation pile! Way to go on decluttering progress

  6. I love spring cleaning. I just went through my closet two weeks ago. I know that your giveaways will make some other people very happy. :)

  7. Okay, now I'm hungry...but full, too, if that's possible. My taste buds are hungry!

    You've been very will feel productive tonight.

  8. I love avocado and on a BLT is creative and yummy!
    Kudos to you for sharing your clothes with someone who will enjoy them as you did. Are you really moving from your beautiful house this year?

    1. We hope to...but to a different kind of beautiful house...newer!

  9. And now I want a BLT (love 'em with avocado).