Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Sheer Total Unadulterated Randomness...

We are wiped out...we are still in bed in our hotel room...reading, sipping coffee and trying to get energized for our drive back to Pennsylvania.

So...on with my randomness...

In assessing a potential move to Charlottesville this is what we have learned.

There are tons of wineries in Charlottesville.

There are mountains here, too!

There is a Trader Joe's.

There is a Whole Foods.

There will be a Wegman's in the fall.

People seem to be friendly here.

Sweetbreads are a popular food item here. Gag!

There is a book festival here.

There is an Amtrak Station.

We still love this house..with modifications.

So...the four of us have a lot to think about!









  1. Think long and have much of that where you already are. Home is where the heart is.

    1. I know, Annie, but we aren't exactly happy place to walk and ride bikes...too much house maintenance...we are thinking long and hard...thanks for the reminder.

  2. Everything will work out to what's meant to be.

  3. Yes, and then you would be a Southerner....and that does sound intriguing. I always get Charlottesville (in Virginia) mixed up with Charlotte (in North Carolina).

    Do they have hurricanes?

    When I traveled more, every time I visited a new place, I'd want to move there. I've never been to Virginia or North Carolina or anything more Southern than Missouri, which is sort of Southern...I think.

    But I've often wanted to move to Seattle or Portland.

    1. Not sure about hurricanes but technically Virginia is classified as a "midatlantic" state...whatever that is.

  4. It's a good sign if Wegmans is coming.
    I love being in FL for the winter, but miss Weggies so much...

    1. I know! We love that idea. I bet I know where you will be the moment you are home and need groceries!