Friday, March 4, 2016

A Yummy Book And Thoughts Of Food!

I loved this book...other than getting up to feed kitties and do laundry and prep for dinner...I was alone all day and I took the day off to really just read this book. It was "wordalicious"...this author writes in such a beautiful and descriptive way!
Briefly...Catherine marries George because she is pregnant. He is a psychopath and a creep and worse! Franny is their sweet baby but Cathy is brutally murdered while Franny is in their farmhouse. Guess who is the prime suspect?
You got it...
The thing about this book that I loved is its slow suspense filled pace!
This book should not be missed!

So...I found a new food blog today called 3 boys unprocessed. I can't wait to try some of her recipes!

Homemade Hamburger has only good stuff in it!
A healthy beefaroni...
Oven fried chicken...

Three cheese tortellini soup!

One of these is on the menu tomorrow!

Have a great and awesome week end!



I hope to read at least one of these...



  1. My mom used to make a beefaroni kind of like that!

  2. You are definitely armed with a good stack. The name of the food blog is cute and catchy. I don't have boys; I always see them as super active and getting into mischief. Every time I would see the Kaiser commercial with the mum and three boys, I laugh at their antics.

  3. I just processed All Things Cease to Appear on Friday thought about taking it out, but then saw it had no conversation punctuation..that type of writing drives me crazy. I'm sure I'm missing out on some goods books, but I need that punctuation.

    1. You know...I didn't even notice it...the writing was too good!

  4. Love the look of the cheesy soup....I had French Onion soup the other day when I was running errands. Yummy!