Wednesday, February 3, 2016


This book...has been addictive...seriously...I knew very little about this ill fated trip of the Hindenburg...and now I am googling everyone on the Blimp/Zeppelin. This book was so good! Let's see...what words can I use...let's go for intense, thrilling, factual, and heartbreakingly sad!

Up next...a new YA...
Dinner...I am hungry for a salad sandwich...heavy on the lettuce! From Bon Appetit!
Or this one?
This day has been foggy, windy, rainy, and cold! I got soaked and chilled getting the mail!



  1. We had the wind and the rain but it's warm and muggy. You've made Flight of Dreams sound really good!

  2. I have a discussion post coming soon about when books send us to Google to learn more about a subject- and Flight of Dreams sounds like it's a perfect example (to be honest, I googled it too, it's been a long time since I read or saw anything about the Hidenburg). I wonder how differently air travel would have turned out if that hadn't of happened?

    It's been rainy here too, but that just makes it perfect reading weather. It's not super cold at the moment though.

    Thicker Than Water sounds like it could be awesome- looking forward to your review!

    1. I was wondering that, too, it sounded like a relaxing flight but with lots of limitations...especially that one cold shower issue.

  3. I love salad sandwiches and you have now made me hungry! :)

    1. Heeheehee...sorry! Go get yourself one! With chips!