Sunday, February 7, 2016

Happy Super Bowl Sunday!

The day is finally here! We had chia seed flax powder blueberry pineapple and banana smoothies for breakfast in order to combat the wings and ribs we are going to eat later today!

After all of our plans to cook...we opted to zip to a local place to pick up what we needed.


We just polished off these. I had BBQ and Den had Buffalo...


We bought their ribs and homemade broccoli salad and cole slaw for dinner!

Den needs stress free prep and very little clean up.

It's Game Day...after all!







  1. And here I thought you did all the prep and cooking. Today, Bill all the cooking. I did all the clean up. Home made ribs and gumbo. Yum! Now for the game!

  2. I'm sure Den is having fun this evening!

  3. Yum! I'm sure you had a great evening :)

  4. We went to our favorite wings place, too...I picked it up. It was quite the adventure. They said it would be 30 minutes and when I got there, they had it DOWN. There were about 10 people cooking, two taking phone orders, two ringing us up, and to-go bags lined up on a table with people's first names on them and a woman handing them to people in line to pay.

  5. Yes, sometimes you just can't do everything from scratch. The smoothie looks good. I've been lazy and haven't been making my green ones. We had wings yesterday too and they were tasty.