Thursday, January 14, 2016

So Far...

Den has been away all week but will be home in minutes...literally. So far since he's been away...he left on Monday...this is what has gone down...

A massive bug appeared on the wood trim in the upstairs hallway. Literally about a hundred legs and weird...and fat...and grotesque!

Of course this one cornered it and I had to wrestle both of them!
The bug is in a jar waiting for Den.
A car was parked in front of our house. Moments later I heard knocking at the front door. A man with a clipboard was standing there. I was upstairs so I opened the window and asked him what he needed...he proceeded to tell me that he was an official government employee and needed to know if I understood things about my social security number! OMG...did he think I was going to share it with him? I told him I was good...and wouldn't be chatting and he continued to try to ask me questions! Moments after he left I really did call our local police and they came to talk to me and make sure I was me...I have all alarms on, cameras on and I am not going outside for any reason! He was not a good guy. The police said he could have been checking to see if anyone was home! Yikes!
Not a fan of the bad guy!
A huge fan of the good guy!
Then...both kitty girls were perched in front of the pantry doors. I swear I heard weird squeaking/chirping? They looked at me. I looked at them. We had no clue what to do. I have not opened that cupboard since Tuesday! It sounds like a bird! In my pantry! I ate Cheerios out of a drinking glass!
I am not helpless but certain things get the best of me...I bet this is the same mouse that lived in our grill last winter! Sigh!
The only good thing that goes on when Den travels is that I plow through books.
I finished was really good...mobsters and magic...kind of cool!
Starting this...does it look good to you?
I am kind of tired...early morning kitty room service, Lucy's meds, brushing kitties, playing, cleaning three litter boxes, trash, tread mill, laundry,'s all on me...normally jobs we share in addition to all of the other house stuff that needs to be done. Roxie is young and needs play time...chasing and romping to wear her out...Lucy occasionally relieves me but Roxie is a fan of the games people play!
I haven't even made dinner for Den because I am afraid to open the cupboards...
Take care!




  1. LOL poor you! That bug would have seen the end of the hose on my vacuum for sure! The squeek in the pantry..well I wouldn't have opened it either!

  2. Oh my gosh, that man with the clipboard is really scary. Too bad you couldn't see his license plate number. Thank heavens Den is home now!

  3. Oh, welcome to my world! LOL

    I hate when I hear things, or see things that freak me out....the last time any of these things happened, I was living in the foothills and my youngest son was always near the guest house or just there because he did odd jobs for me.

    I had a mouse infestation (I counted at least three or four!), and they literally scampered across the rug in plain sight, not even trying to hide. We tried those glue traps, but eventually I had to call the exterminator, who put poison in the attic, in addition to the glue traps. Then they were gone.

    I haven't seen anything here...but maybe I'm just clueless?

    Good luck!

  4. Oh, my. Centepedes are so creepy! They bite, too. So your grill mouse has a neighbor: pantry mouse. Both of these situations are pretty normal stuff. The guy with the THAT is something to be concerned about. I am glad you are safe and reported it. I am alone for weeks at a time. Yes, this is the stuff of real nightmares. Be safe, Patty. As for the books...Beside Myself looks really good! Hugs!

  5. Oh boy. You sure are being entertained while your husband is gone. I'm glad you were able to answer from an upstairs window. It's good that the police are aware of him and can check around. Glad you're safe.
    Your pantry and grill mouse remind me of the one that was in my dad's old, garage cabinet. My Wire Fox Terrier kept sticking her nose and paw into the bottom, open corner. Pretty soon she turned and came bucking around the garage. I thought the mouse bit her and I was screaming. My dog was bucking like a bull around and around the garage. The mouse was actually clinging to her chin fur! She bucked it off and my mom caught it w/a jar or something for my dad to take care of.

  6. My husband doesn't travel anymore but when he did, things would always happen to me or weird people would come to the door. To this day, I remember one guy trying to sell me a discount card and how he put his foot in the door when I tried to shut it. My mom instinct kicked in because my kids were in the house and I seriously came close to hurting him majorly. He backed off. These types only come when my husband is gone.

  7. That guy with the clipboard is scary. We had large footprints in the snow in our front yard last night - not ours. We decided to double check that we keep our doors and cars locked.

    A Criminal Magic sounds good.