Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Ruminations...Sort Of...

I am obsessed with Doctor Who...

I want my hair like Clara's...from Doctor Who.
I still want this baggy dress but I want it to go on sale.
I want a mini horse...have you seen that Amazon Prime commercial?
I want to make these for dinner but then I would have to actually go outside.
I can't stop eating Cara Cara oranges.
My iPad mini won't let me use my Xfinity app...I am so tired of calling Comcast. Every other iPad in this house works!
This should count as a serving of citrus. It's from bakeat350!
I want a cottage.
Den has spoiled these two so much that they won't even come downstairs to breakfast! It's been a tray upstairs in our room! And...we have to say "kitty room service"...
This book is incredible! It's the first translation I have read in ages that I love. I would read more from this fascinating Swedish mystery writer.
I am all finished ruminating...sort of.
It is freezing here today and it's supposed to snow...fingers crossed!



  1. Lucy and Roxie have Den very well trained, glad to hear the ladies are training the male! Isn't that cottage the most romantic place ever!

    1. Yes they do! I love that cottage, too! I want it in my yard!

  2. Oh, to be as spoiled as your cats! You can't buy that baggy dress until February. I want a She Shed.

    1. I know...wouldn't it be awesome to have that in your back yard?

  3. How funny that the kitties have room service!

    I love that cottage, too....and that coconut covered cake!

  4. The house next door is a cottage. Our neighbourhood is a very old neighbourhood, filled with cottages.
    No, you don't want the work that goes with a mini-horse. It would take a lot of time away from your girls!

  5. Replies
    1. They know the words and wait for him to come upstairs with their tray! We are so bad!