Tuesday, January 19, 2016


Time to pop these babies on...in the house! I think the cold feels colder right now!

I love these from Sundance...and now I have quite a collection! I have been waiting to wear them!

And I get to wear my faux fur scarf...finally! This one is from Soft Surroundings and is on sale!
But I really want this faux fur vest! Most likely the kitties will confiscate it! This one is from Love, Kuza! I am secretly waiting for a sale!
Finished this...but it has a book before it...featuring the same ex Boston police woman...Lizzie Snow...now moved to Maine. I loved this book but wished I would have read the first one first. It's a sort of cozy mystery. And they seem to take place in a wintery Maine rather than a summery one.
Reading this now...so far so good...
Today calls for soup...I am making soup today!
Stay warm...





  1. It was 18 degrees when we walked this morning. Someone stopped and asked us if we're from Alaska. lol

  2. Ooh, what kind of soup? I love your collection of fingerless mitts. You've got a wonderful eye.

    1. Thank you! I made a soup called Stuffed Cabbage Soup! It's filled with tomatoey broth, brown rice, cabbage and ground bison...

  3. I hate this weather. I have several pairs of fingerless gloves too - for home and work. Right now, though, it's the warm socks I've been loving.

  4. I love warm socks and sweaters. The books by Graves look good, too! xo