Saturday, November 28, 2015

Because Today Does Not Feel Like Saturday! Here I Am!

I was wrong! I read this book all day long yesterday! I loved it! I have determined that I really don't like memoir or nonfiction but I love "FACTION"...this mix of real and not real. I googled much of what I read about Loretta Young and Clark Gable and Spencer Tracy and what I read in this book was really true! And so yummy! Again...I loved this book.

And to my surprise...much to my surprise...this one came my way! I hope it's as good as it is rumored to be...
Today...the Michigan/Ohio State at noon...salads for lunch...and Turkey Enchiladas for dinner...using the last bits of turkey! This recipe was on The Kitchn this week.
Reading this...
Our plan worked this morning...
Lucy was up at her usual time but as soon as she screamed once...Den raced downstairs...gave her breakfast, came back upstairs and we all fell back to sleep! It was awesome...usually I get up...feed them and settle in the family room to read and watch TV...but now we can't decide if we trained her or she trained us! This is Lucy after breakfast... to start our day!
See you on Monday!


Friday, November 27, 2015

And Then There Was Pie...

Ok...actually pumpkin praline pie...for breakfast...from Janssen's...yum! Without whip cream...healthier? Heeheehee!

What shall we do today? Tidy the house a bit...put things away...wash all of the tea towels and napkins...and not budge from the house or yard. Our alarm clock...Lucy Grace...woke me up at 5ish...I think that's when her tummy growls...or she still thinks we both need to get up for school and work every day...or she just wants the bed to herself.

When she gets up she walks over us...stands on little paws dig into soft skin...if that doesn't work she starts nipping...gentle little bites on all exposed areas. Roxie, Den and I could sleep much longer but this sweet girl won't allow it. of us emerges from bed and goes downstairs to feed her...then she goes back to bed and we are up...wide awake and way too early! But it's ok...Roxie naps and I read...and Den drinks tons of coffee! Plus I kind of love that early morning time downstairs with coffee and a book...and a lap soothing.
Just finished this one...creepy, dark, eerie, weird but so good! Chilling...really chilling!
Here's the thing...And it's not as though I need another book to read but...I can not make up my mind about this one...I hate when people either love or hate a book. This is one of those books that is either loved or not loved...what to do...what to do? In this book Veblen is a character name. In the real world...Veblen was an economist...I think.
Right now I am watching an old Librarian and planning what to read next...but one thing I shopping is involved in our plans shopping and no leaving.
Happy Friday!



Wednesday, November 25, 2015


Ok...wasn't that a Carly Simon song?

Since Den and I can both be such procrastinators and even though we made promises to each other that we would not shop on Wednesday...we were at Wegman's at 8 ish this morning...we were finished and walking out just as people were starting to get that crazed look. We were just supposed to be shopping for sides...we were picking up our fully cooked turkey later today...and a pie...a Pumpkin Praline Pie...and I told Den that we were going to stick to our list...not get distracted and get in and's Wegman's's like being at a food festival...there is stuff to look at everywhere! Cheeses, fish, shrimp, lobster, crab, sushi, breads, olive bars, an entire whole grouper, stuff to go with cave aged cheeses...we now own Quince Paste and Marcona Almonds! And Prosecco washed cheese and Rainforest crackers with fig and olive...we needed a starter! Something yummy to munch on while we hang in jammies and watch the parade! Plus we brought home lobster salads with avocados and chopped kale salads for lunch...yummy! And we even found a great Bloody Mary junk in it...for our Thanksgiving Festivus!

Did you know that this is the only size marshmallow fluff we found? In real life it is giant sized!

I am changing out our normal sweet potatoes for mashed ones with a topping of this fluff stuff that is beaten with egg whites...Den can not wait! We never have fluff and now we have a giant jar of's not organic and I don't even! At least it's cholesterol free?

Books...I am putting down this for a day or two...I have not even started it yet...

And reading's rumored to be extremely unique...we shall see!
Off to relax!
Have an amazing Thanksgiving!


Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Oh My!

This started out so good but then...once some of the chapters started being written in sort of an interview form...I got...well...I got bored! So I read the last third of it without really loving it. I enjoyed the present day chapters more than the in the past ones. I guess it is sort of a "factional" book about Gladys Spencer-Churchill who was real and quite odd! She did the first Pond's Cold Cream ad but she also had paraffin injected into her nose...which apparently dropped into her chin...and left her with a distorted face! I can't even believe I know this but I googled her!

Starting this but I am afraid...very afraid...I did not love her last one!
I want these two books and so far...they elude my bookish little hands! Why oh why? The Arrangement was offered to me and I did not respond fast I can't get it...sigh!
Still thinking about goats...these are Willowsford goats being moved...probably to munch another lawn! Or two?
Thanksgiving digestives? These look lovely but I can easily be swayed by interesting bottles. There was a pink beer bottle on FB yesterday...I would have bought that in a heartbeat...heeheehee!
New stuff...
The girls love my new German Flannel Soft Duvet Cover from Garnet Hill...they have given up their own little heated beds for ours! They snuggle down into the duvet with dreamy little looks on their little kitty faces! Sigh!
Off to clean and prep this messy house!
Have a great day!



Monday, November 23, 2015


So...the Sunday Morning Show yesterday had a segment about "agrihoods"...and now Den and I want to live in one...we think...because we truly have no direction right now other than exploring places and going to lunch...more on lunch in a sec...

The two most interesting ones for us are just outside Atlanta and one in Loudon County, Virginia.

Nature trails, hiking, living around farms, biking, walking...these activities all appeal to us. These communities are truly interesting. We are going to try to get to Willowford...the one in's only about three hours away.

I love these townhouses in the agrihood called Serenbe outside of Atlanta...

Love this that townhouse...
But I also love these houses in Willowford Farms in Virginia.
Love this the top house...
Just one more aspect of our quest to find the perfect place to live. We really are not staying here.
The 12 agrihoods in the article I linked to are built on land conservancies...houses are varied, there are shops and restaurants, but everything is built around farms and preserving land and growing food. In one of them you can even rent goats to mow your lawn! I love it!
So...we will explore more! And more! And more! we drove to Lancaster again to get my last quilted quilt. I just can't believe I had these quilt tops unfinished just a few months ago! It's very happy in the guest room.
Lunch! A restaurant that is local and popular and that we totally forgot about!
We had yummy salads...
We did not have their signature dessert...we are regretting that now.

Every restaurant near us has this same look...

Reading and really loving this! A mother, a daughter, a trip to England, secrets and an unraveling mystery! This book has it all...
Up next...
Off to read!