Friday, July 24, 2015


OMG...loved this of my favorites this year. I laughed...I cried my eyes out...I thought it was wonderful!'s sort of about a bookish person! Alice...who loves books and gets to review books for her yummy part time job...her friend Susanna...who owns a book store. Lots of bookish references...lots of fun family stuff...lots of angst...lots of tears! Alice needs to get a "real" job when her husband loses his...she leaves her lovely small publisher to work for a huge concept ebook company. Alice struggles with her newly drinking husband, her friends, her new bosses, her kids, her ailing father...but the way this author writes about all of these issues was so addictive. I loved every word! I am sad that my time with this book has ended! Soooooo sad...readers who love

books and family drama...will love this book!

I have no clue what I am going to read next! I am still thinking about this one!
Our field trip here yesterday was awesome. We bought so many fruits and vegetables...all local. Look at this...yellow cucumbers! Home made pesto...the best cold brewed iced coffees...corn, peaches, nectarines, garlic, cantelopes...oh my...heirloom tomatoes...everything was beautiful!
The girls got into mischief yesterday...and Lucy did it! Roxie just enjoyed the mess!
It happened because Lucy did not want to share so she jumped over Roxie to the table and everything flew off of the table! Sigh!
Have an awesome week end!
I will be back on Monday!


Thursday, July 23, 2015

Thursday's Thoughts...

Finished this...very clever and really good...

In the midst of this...very clever and really

Today is a Field Trip Day! We are going on a quest to a faraway wine find the white burgundy I had while in NYC.
Then...we may try out a new restaurant for's getting great reviews.
And then a new farmstand...everything local...everything simply grown...
Right now...sitting on the sofa in the family room covered in quilts and kitties!
Have a happy day!


Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Wednesday Stuff!

I love Wednesdays! They are so midweek! If it's a good week...there are still days and days left in the week to do even more fun stuff! I had a myriad array of chores...which are all done...sort of...I had a cookie for lunch...those oatmeal cookies are seriously good! Can something be crispy yet chewy all at the same time? These are!

I really want to try this monthly subscription...$10.00 a month!

I love these bracelets from Chan Luu...
A salad sandwich from Bonappetit! Dinner tomorrow!
Dresses my style from Ilana Kohn! Love these!
This is on tonight! Will you be watching? Lol!
Books...reading this...
And this on my Kindle...
That's what's on my mind today!



Tuesday, July 21, 2015

I Need A Cookie Now!

Can the world be fixed with an afternoon cookie? My world can. I am craving a soft chewy oatmeal raisin cookie. I don't even know why!

I found these in my "Cookie" file. The package of raisins I thought I had in my pantry turned about to be prunes...aren't prunes really big raisins? Oh my! This recipe called for three cups of oats and only 1/2 cup of flour! I loved it because I didn't need to get out my Kitchenaid Mixer...the butter is melted and everything is mixed together by hand. The only missing ingredients are the soft chewy raisins. Now a bag of chocolate chips sits on the island....waiting for our final decision. My thanks to TasteFood for this recipe.

Books...finishing this one is just a bit predictable, it's what I expect from this author...lots of Nantucket lore and Nantucket traditions and tons of characters behaving badly but it's a fun book to read...especially after City On Fire...really!
Probably reading of these...
Or these...I am in the mood for some fantasy...Dystopian...other worldly reading!
Have a great Tuesday! It's still really hot and humid here! The girls are crying to sit outside in their tent but when we did...they were panting...not a good look for a kitty!









Monday, July 20, 2015

Perfect Reading Weather!

One huge sigh of relief...I finished my 927 page almost too heavy to lift book...City On Fire. I ran through a gamut of feelings with this finally relief! It is amazing to me that this author was able to put all the pieces of this huge book together...the partitions between chapters...the epilogues...were amazing and often annoying...the fonts were all different and often hard to read. It just makes me wonder what this author will write next. Whew!

So...Satuday Den and I drove for 27 minutes to get to my Amish quilt lady's house. My first time ever in an Amish home. It was pristine...she has five children and the girls were all doing housework...laundry, floor washing, gardening. We looked at my quilts by lantern light. It was so cool. I now have a new Amish bestie! We have to go back to take her quilt binding. And...she said I can come watch her can in August! She can't quilt during canning months.

On our way home we stopped at a farm stand...also Amish...and bought local fruits and vegetables...tomatoes, baby beets, corn, cucumbers, peaches, green beans, Lima beans, candy onions, all delicious! And I bought this sign...perfect for now...right?

Back to reading is so HOT here...scary hot! Popsicle hot! Eat only cold foods hot! Yikes!
I am reading a very relaxing book...thank's light, fun, carefree and not 927 pages...
More book talk tomorrow...