Friday, July 10, 2015


Den was away for work yesterday and overnight and of course our weather forecast was frightful. A tornado watch was up all day and the local news was filled with doom and gloom. I was alone with the girls and in the early evening we just sat together waiting for the strong winds, lightning, hail, forceful rain and of course the "piece de resistance" power! The red band across the bottom of the TV showed actual times when the worst of the storm was likely to strike. 7:14...I turned lights and tv off...watched the girls for that inner knowledge of weather conditions that cats are supposed to have...there was nothing...and just listened to the far off rumbling of thunder.

Just when I thought the storm hit! Wind, rain and lightning that lasted for about 20 minutes...and then a surreal calm...and we still had electricity! Oh my...and...the girls slept through the entire thing!

Finished this...good but I did not love's written through excerpts from diaries and I forgot how much I don't like that kind of format.
Reading this...not in my weekly schedule...just happened to get it, started it and now I can't stop reading it...
It is a beautiful day out there today...the girls and I will have some deck time...and make Den pasta for dinner! A baked cheesy chickeny one! From Bon Appetit!
Happy Weekend! I am off until Monday!


Thursday, July 9, 2015

Thursday's Trivia?

I just now finished this...a little predictable...but good...I might need a break from beachy summer books...maybe just a short break from them...I think that I know the name of every shop, restaurant and farm market on Nantucket.

Making these for dinner tomorrow...beef, black bean and spinach tostadas from Barefoot In The Kitchen...
Or maybe this from Pip And Ebby...a taco skillet?
Reading this...
And then this...Bread Alone was the first book that I read by this author...I loved it...I think I even re read it and that is something I rarely/never do.
I am just a tad afraid of the weather today...another forecast of severe damaging winds and a TORNADO WARNING!
I am prepared to grab the girls...head to the basement and be without power!
Happy Thursday!



Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Our "Duck Dynasty"

Den loves ducks! He feeds them. He talks to them. He gently talks to the neighbor children for throwing rocks at them and scaring them. He buys them food. Den really does love his ducks. I hope...I am hopeful...that this video works!

I am still reading Nantucket...which is goes back and forth from teenage love to grown up love...with all of its issues and problems...
Today was a Whole Foods day...a laundry day...a busy day!
Happy Wednesday!








Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Reasonably On Schedule?

Finished was reasonably yummy...

Reading far it too is reasonably yummy...but I love a character...Liam...who has both an interesting dog and an interesting cat...and lives in a house at the sea's edge in Nantucket and also has a lost love who is coming back to Nantucket with a son...hmmmm? I am reasonably suspicious that this grown son is Liam's son...wouldn't you be, too?
This is one of my Vine's getting some interesting reviews so I might read this one next...
Today we make the hour and one minute drive to Skippack for hair care!
Happy Tuesday!


Monday, July 6, 2015

It's Always About The Books...

This week we are at trips...which is kind of nice. I really love our short road trips but we prep for them the same way we would for a longer trip. House tidied, flowers watered, lawn mowed...notes for the catsitter, laundry done, bathrooms clean, food laid out for the girls...whew...packing...timers...I think that's why we are exhausted when we get back...oh my...

Home Sweet Home!

So it's nice to be at home this week...even though there is weeding, watering, more lawn mowing! It never ends! Doors need to be painted...again!

This week I have a reading plan...sort of...

I read this is literally 54 minutes of a school shooting...I could not put it down.

I am reading this now...
Then my plan is to read this...
And finally this...
Sounds like a good plan to me...I think!
Do you do a lot of prep before a trip or do you just pack and go?
Happy Monday! I hope the sun is shining for you...we have three days of rain...and perhaps a glimpse of sun on Thursday!





Sunday, July 5, 2015

I Just Could Not Resist!

Happy July 4th Week End!

From two head gear loving girls!