Saturday, June 20, 2015

Whoops! I Did It Again!

How could I let this happen? I needed to read this book for Amazon Vine...

But I read this one instead...
And I posted the wrong review on the right book. took me forever to figure out how to change them! Whew!
The only good thing was that both books were yummy! Lol!
Happy Saturday Night! I am not reading one book tomorrow! I need a book break! We all do!



Friday, June 19, 2015


I think I read way too much...check out these covers...I needed to read million dollar road first but I grabbed Liar's Bench without ever really looking at the I read Liar's Bench...thinking it was the book I needed to read just because of the covers...which don't even really resemble each other? No more choosing without my glasses or contacts...but both books were Southern and really good! One even had a lone white alligator in I can't remember which one...just teasing! Both books were excellent...absorbing...thought provoking...slightly uncomfortable...both had young girls as the main characters...

Happy Friday!
I might not pop back in until Monday...depending on my mood...


Thursday, June 18, 2015

Thursday's Trivia!!!

I really hope that I am not boring you with trip trivia but I had to share this was just so perfect! It is my kind of

Today...we are hungry...for everything...but I think I am making this...a sort of Mediterranean Bean Salad and barbecued chicken!
The barbecue of chicken is from soon as I figure out what 140C means...
I fell in deep mad love with this dress on Etsy...and I am getting it! It is so my style! Thank you, Aida, for answering all of my many questions! I am actually getting this in black...Aida is wonderful...patient and kind and patient! Really! I had a zillion questions!
It is a rainy dreary day here today...Den has to put together a deck bin to keep our sectional pieces in...right now when it rains we haul every pillow into the garage...and we keep making our deck sectional bigger...we are adding one last piece today and then we are done...whew!
Reading this...
And...that's my trivia!
Have a great Thursday!



Wednesday, June 17, 2015

We Are Back!

We just got back from one of our yummy three day two nights away's as long as I am willing to leave Lucy and Roxie for now...I seriously don't think Lucy eats while we are away...and that is a worry. Our cat sitter is so good with them but Lucy hides...fusses over her pill...and again...I don't think she eats...Roxie is a little crazy when we are gone...the sitter sent me a movie of her somersaulting all over her and actually holding on to girls do not do well without us...for sure.

We went to Oxford Maryland..about 2/12 hours away...such a sweet's known for its white fences...almost every amazing house that we saw had a white picket fence. Our hotel was really unique...we sat outside and read for hours...and I walked on shells on the little beach...and we watched big boats and tiny little sailing school. You could tell they were little looked liked Sailing School recess...too cute and funny! This is from our upstairs screened in porch...we read there, too!

Lots of shells!
This is the Beach's filled with iced water and snacks and is air conditioned and had a TV! When we got hot we popped inside!
There was an osprey living in the trees by the caught fish while we watched!
The fences!
More fences...
The town of Oxford is old and's two hours from Washington and there are magnificent homes there...big and small...all with this quaint beachy feel...we ate here each night...two minutes from our was incredible! And now we are "regulars"!
I know...surrounded by water and we ate meat! But...I don't eat scallops or swordfish...and I only eat steak rare...really rare...and we had crab cakes last night. We had the best time at dinner last night...the inn was empty except for us and two really lovely elderly couple was celebrating their 53rd anniversary so we celebrated with them...they were so sweet...they told us all about Oxford...they divide their time between Oxford and Vero Beach...he was very handsome and a retired doctor but so fragile looking...I just wanted to hug him! He gave us the scoop on where to get the best martinis...and that we should look for a cute cottage in town...I cannot say enough how much we loved it there!
One last water view...
Well maybe just one more...
Finished this...have you heard of this book? It's based on a young boy's mental health was so good...apparently the author based it on what happened to his were so sad!
Sorry about the photos...this town was just so unique!
I am outta here!



Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Tuesday's Trivia?

Sandwiches...I could live on them! These are from Serious Eats! Don't they All recipes are on Serious Eats!

Lobster Club!

Salami with white bean spread!
Broccoli rabe and turkey!
Goat cheese and roasted veg!
Tea! Den and I eat these all of the time!
Bracelets...I must have one of these...the keys are all old and convey a message...when you are ready you are supposed to pass the key along to someone else...who might need it...The Giving Key...
The view from my window...yesterday...Den's head in the corner reading...a lovely sight!
Reading a fun fluffy book about Nantucket...with a selfish stepsister and a perfect giving other sister...I did not want to enjoy this but I am! Of course perfect men with issues are involved...and I want to smack the step sister!
Up next...
With that...I am outta here!


Monday, June 15, 2015

It's All About The Books!

Roxie Blue is guarding my new stash of books! She loves biting the covers...and book markers, too. I predict that Saint Mazie's edges will be chewed on momentarily!


City On Fire scares me! It's massive! And...massive means very heavy!

From Amazon...A big-hearted, boundary-vaulting novel that heralds a remarkable new talent: set in 1970s New York, a story outsized in its generosity, warmth, and ambition, its deep feeling for its characters, its exuberant imagination.

Tiny Pretty Things...

From Amazon...Black Swan meets Pretty Little Liars in this soapy, drama-packed novel featuring diverse characters who will do anything to be the prima at their elite ballet school.

Paranormal Investigator...

From Amazon...

Ally Carter’s megabestselling Gallagher Girls series meets Veronica Mars with a paranormal twist when Jillian Cade’s (fake!) private eye service unearths far more than she bargained for.

From Where I Watch You...suspense, terror and cookies!

Saint Mazie...a big hearted fun loving lady who lived during the Great Depression...and...who has tons of secrets...thank goodness she left a diary that is discovered 90 years later!

So...those are my books this week...a little heavy on YA...but that's ok...this rainy stormy week is a perfect reading week!

Have a fantastic Monday!



Sunday, June 14, 2015

I Clearly Am Obsessed...

I think that I have weird obsessions...the coloring and colored pencil obsession...buying clothes in three's book obsession, of course...and recently my Jurassic everything obsession...I am watching the second one again now but it's still soooo good! I love Jeff Goldblum in these! And the velociraptors...deadly yet still cute? Oh my!

This even looks good! This lovely food blogger makes it out of Sprite, pineapple juice and Tropical Punch Koolaid!


Other than reading...this has been a hazy lazy day! Even my girls are inactive! Every once in a while someone walks down and bumps us...then they disappear upstairs again...always in our room and on our bed. They love the feel of this summer chenille bedspread!
Conked out after a fishy lunch!
Just finished this and it was truly's written differently...the middle actually tells the ending...sort of!
Up next? I think this...
Happy Sunday!