Saturday, May 23, 2015

Saturday Stuff!

Loved this book! Loved it...mad love...funny love...foodie love! It was wonderful!


Reading this! Love this's one of those sweet wondrous summer in Maine kind of books. Four very different women need to get away and they escape to this amazing wonderful house on an island in Maine! I am having a really hard time slowing myself down! I just want to read to the end! And then start it over again! This book starts out in NYC...which makes the Maine escape even better!
Planting pots and pots of flowers and is beautiful...added another section to our was too small! Having the best relaxing Saturday! Dinner is salad with local lettuces, lamb chops and a tiny slice of pie with local vanilla ice cream!
Can you see what's wrong with the new sectional pillows? I have no clue what to do! I just changed out the colors last year!
Happy Saturday!



Friday, May 22, 2015

Friday Stuff!

It is really very cool here. We have on shorts and long sleeved tees! I really do not understand our has been so humid and hot and now it's windy and cool!'s good reading course it's always good reading weather!

This book is crazy good! It's Minnesota and wine tasting and flawed dysfunctional characters and lutefisk and lefse! I would love lefse but from the description of lutefisk? Never! Again...I hate putting this book down!



Itty bitty kitty stand off? Roxie about to let Lucy have a piece of her mind!

Drinking this...totally hooked on Cucumber Water...I keep it in the refrigerator all of the time!
Making this...from Bon Appetit!
Wearing this...MAC from Nordstrom's
Wanting these...I love love love loose and comfy! All from UO...
That's it for me. We are in for the rest of the day!
Happy Friday!



Thursday, May 21, 2015

Thursday's Trivial Pursuits...

It's all about getting life in order today...mailing stuff, sorting stuff and deciding about stuff! It's the perfect day to do these things because it's cold...really cold and rainy...really rainy!

Read this little gem last's probably a middle grade book and it was delightful. This author wrote The Boundless...which I also loved...these books are simply sweet and lovely...thoughtful, too.


I need to read these next...seriously!

From Amazon...

"Already a hotly anticipated debut—about a young woman with a once-in-a-generation palate who becomes the iconic chef behind the country’s most coveted dinner reservation."

From Amazon...

"Set on a picture-perfect island in Maine, a sparkling summer debut that offers readers a universal fantasy: one glorious month away from it all." This book had me when Maine was mentioned!

Foods! I need to think about dinner! This one pot skillet pasta or street tacos?
These are from a blog called Simple Recipes.
This is from a blog called Julia's Album. You don't even have to cook the pasta first. For some reason this reminds me of something my mom made...hmmm!


I remain...undecided!

Happy Thursday!







Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Let There Be Pie...For Dinner?

I want pie...and that is not a normal thing for me to say. But I am exhausted...Den and I just drove an hour and ten minutes each way to get my hair new stylist foiled every bit of my head so no color touched my actual far so good...not every gray is covered but I don't head feels so I have one Dramamine and one Benadryl working its way through my system...I just want to fall asleep!

But...there is a keratin infused root spray that I bought to just dust my roots...can you see the difference? The spray is awesome...light...not sticky...stays on until you wash your hair.

Ok...pies! How bad can pie be for dinner just one night? A savory one for dinner and a fruity one for dessert! Perfection! A new pie shop opened in our town...
Finishing this...and it is good...but I get the feeling that two characters are about to have something traumatic happen to their keeps gathering and saving trash...and forgetting things...sigh...the other one keeps falling...
This is next...YA. It's a very tiny book! I know that there is a talking wasp in this book!
Happy Wednesday! Seriously!





Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Cars And Lunch And Kitties...Oh My!

I think we are getting a new car...not because of our exploding neck rest incident...but because the car we love can barely fit two suitcases in we are getting a bigger one and something that has to do with diesel which Den is very excited about. So I had to spend an hour at the car place but I got to read in the lounge so it all worked out. Did you know that there are some cars out in this world that have cup holders that keep stuff both hot and cold? We aren't getting that...ever! Lol...

But we went to lunch to discuss the's called Gables and I think it used to be a barn. I had a salad and a very cosmopolitan Cosmopolitan!

Working on this...good but not delicious...way too many family issues with people who are old enough to know better!
So...that was my day...Roxie has developed a yen for coloring...every time I walk into the sunroom she jumps up and grabs a colored pencil!
Sometimes she sits in the sunroom...waiting for us to join her! Can you find Roxie?
Happy Tuesday!



Monday, May 18, 2015

It's All About The Books!

Finished these over this long yummy relaxing weekend...

YA...dark and creepy but really good! Think scary Winged Things...yes!

Loved this book...remember that movie where this girl wanted to be like her friend so much that she almost became her? This book wasn't like that at it reminded me of that movie! It was creepy good...a yummy mystery!
This one? What a surprise! North Dakota...farms...Norwegians! Yes...Norwegians! Pie making...lefse making farm people! I have not read a clean absorbing mystery like this in ages! The central character...Marjorie...was an indexer...I had to look this up! This book took place in the 1960's and she was the person who indexed complicated books! No internet, no laptops...just libraries and typewriters!
I loved this book! Marjorie sometimes smoked was like watching a North Dakota version of Mad Men! I am gushing over this one! I think it is the start of a series!
Just a few new books...Seriously? I cannot resist books with cakes on the covers...ever!
Hopefully another great mystery!
I am a little worried about this one but it sounds interesting...different...and it has that "elite" school thing going that I can never resist!
Reading these...yep...two at a time! I have read amazing stuff about this book ...I am not sure about the Gillian Flynn reference...but it sounds good!
Relationships...islands...dysfunction? Count me in! Plus it's a "a romantic page-turner propelled by the sixty-year secret that has shaped two families, four lovers, and one seaside resort community."
Den and I are cleaning together...he is doing the upstairs bathroom...I just put away a massive basket of towels and sheets...vacuumed the entire upstairs...dusted the entire upstairs...and I am making him his fave lunch...lettuce wraps from Kalyn's I am making pizzas for dinner.
From bonappetitcom!
Happy Monday!