Monday, December 14, 2015

Whew! This Day Just Flew By!

Today was just a busy day...but fun busy! Once I finished the stuff I had to do...I spent the day with Frank! Yep...Frank! Frank is the nine year old son of a one hit wonder author...Mimi... who has been tricked out of her fortune and must write another book in order to survive! Enter her publisher and Alice. Alice is sent to Mimi to help her get things done. But Frank...oh my what a delightful character. I loved his comments, his clothes, and his thoughts. He dresses sort of cast off 1930 ish and knows every movie and old movie star. He is probably on some spectrum of some disorder but he is a delightful yet heartbreaking character! Frank has rules that can't be broken! I loved this book! I really loved this book!

No clue what I am reading next...perhaps one of these or perhaps not one of's that weird time of year when the book has to be just right...the perfect fit!
Off to read!



  1. I have been busy all day cooking and cleaning and have only now had time to read. I think things are going to be crazy until Christmas but I'm not complaining!

  2. I love the covers of your choices. I'l be on the lookout for Frank :)

  3. The first two sound good on GR so faved them.

  4. Lots of books lined up! I just finished one book and started two others, trying to get them read before the end of the year. Maybe it will happen. Maybe not.