Tuesday, December 1, 2015

What Happened To Monday?

I was so scheduled yesterday with self imposed lists that I started a Monday post in the morning and never even looked at it again until just now...and it's Tuesday! So yesterday was a sort of "say what" kind of day. When Den works at the office I seem to be busier with getting leftover stuff done...phone calls, shopping, scheduling, cleaning, walking...by myself. But then halfway through everything...I say...why am I doing all of this stuff...so I stop and read...

So...anyway...I read these over the weekend...all of these were so good...Piece Of Mind was about a 27 year old with a brain injury...Our Lady Of The Ice was just a fast paced freezing cold Dystopian SF/F thriller. This was this author's first venture into an adult book. And...I loved All The Stars In The Heavens...loved it! I mean I really loved it!

New books...thank you Edelweiss!
Reading these...yep...all of these right now...I hate doing this but I have every single one of these started and every book is so different and yet so good. I started Language Of Secrets last night and then I read The Widow early this morning when Lucy woke Den up for breakfast. She goes to the one she can control more! Den hid a can of kibble in our closet with a plate so everyone ate and went back to their beds. I seriously did not even hear them! Shadow Queen is my witchy fantasy and The Widow? OMG...so good...a woman's husband is a serial killer. She has kept his secrets for a very long time but now...he is dead...I think from an accident...and she is free...hopefully?
I am so seriously craving a Hammonds Candy Cane! They are big and fat and soooo good! There is one that has a strip of chocolate in the center!
We are off to see Hunger Games soon and I need a Hammonds Candy Cane to get me through it!
An icy cold beer and a candy cane! I love Cinema Suites! My perfect movie snack...but I have to sneak in my candy cane!
Happy Tuesday!






  1. A candy cane with chocolate? That sounds yummy!

    1. It's a tiny stream on the inside and it is heavenly!

  2. I am so drooling over Under the Influence...I am not even going to try Edelweiss, as I can't make that site work for me...so I guess I'll wait until it's available for purchase. I have loved every book by Joyce Maynard.

    I tried to love All the Stars in the Heavens...but I didn't. I think it's me, and not the book. After All the Houses, I am feeling burned out by books that I have to review by a certain date, especially books that seemingly plod along.

    NetGalley doesn't make me feel like that....there isn't the same pressure, although I haven't had any trouble reviewing by the time the books are released. In fact, all of my current books from them are from January and March...so, plenty of time.

    I am in a funk!

    1. Oh no! No funk allowed! Maybe it's on NetGalley...the Maynard book...did you check?

  3. Trigiani will be moved up since her popularity intrigues me.

  4. My mom loved All the Stars in Heaven, too! I should probably give it a try...

  5. That is an interesting group of books. It is interesting how some really click and yet others draaggg. There is so much joy in reading when they click, and when there is no pressure.