Thursday, December 17, 2015

Tinsel...Or Rather The Total Absence Of It!

Here is the list of things that we no longer can leave out or use...


Satiny beautiful ribbon bows

Curly festive ribbon

Any kind of fake greenery...attached to anything

Dried Christmas decorations

Plastic of any kind


Bread bags

Rubber bands

Shopping bags

Wide tape

New things can be added to this yearly...I now cannot leave anything wrapped in Saran Wrap or Press and Seal on the island...we learned the hard way by watching Roxie chew a piece and swallow it...

These two...we love them and try so hard to keep them safe but at times they are a step ahead of us!

We have learned to hand tie our presents with wired glittery ribbon...they have no interest in this. We also just stuff the tree with lights and ornaments...carefully scrutinized and inspected ornaments. And every now and then someone/ Roxie Blue...will bat at the ornaments and steal they are much safer falling on carpeting...nice soft thick carpeting!
I need a fast paced mystery! I choose this one!
It is pouring rain here today. We are off to get my toes pedicured...then out to lunch...the chopped wedge salad at Victory is calling to me...then we have to grab something for dinner...then back to the tree! The untinseled tree calls to me!
I hope you are staying dry!






  1. I quit using tinsel years ago - it took too much time to hang it all. Tell the folks at Victory we said hi! lol

  2. Never used tinsel; it'd be too messy and we'd have worried w/young ones in the house. You are really making a conscious effort to baby our environment. Kudos to you!

  3. Our cats would eat the tinsel.... and then I would have to deal with it later...

    1. Bill...or worse! Surgery, obstruction, we are so careful and Roxie grabbed a plastic bag just now!

  4. Haven't used tinsel in decades. Pets (and young children) are a challenge for Christmas decorations, lol! Enjoy the pedicure... I need one desperately!

  5. We gave up saran wrap, tinsel, etc., etc., etc...decades ago. The horrors that I saw as a vet is not worth it to take a chance. And most cats will eat all of the things you mentioned...and more. Thank you for not using these things and for posting about it. Choosing between "stuff" and cats...I choose cats. They decorate my life every day!

  6. I haven't used tinsel in years...I probably stopped when there were small children (or pets) around. The rain sounds kind of long as the power stays on. Enjoy!