Friday, December 18, 2015

Patty And Den's Festivus!

I think we love the holidays so much because we get to stay in our own house. For most of our lives when we lived all over the country...we mostly trekked to Ohio or Colorado for the holidays...but now we really like to not travel on the holidays. When our parents were the focal point and there was snow and skating and skiing and nieces and nephews and pets and sharing bathrooms...and food everywhere...that was where we wanted to be. But now it's fun to stay at our home. We were always torn...we hated leaving our house but could not wait to get to our parents. Now that we are both orphans...we stay put with our own traditions.


Den is working today so Festivus officially starts tonight with dinner's a typical PA restaurant...I think it used to be an old dairy or part of an old dairy.

Bar and entry...
Inside dining room...
It's cool on the inside...fireplaces and soft lights...and great foods. It's now owned by a new owner with a Southern flair...Den plans on having shrimp and grits...I want fried green tomatoes! I will pop in tomorrow and let you know how it was!
Good news!
Our tree is actually staying in the stand and as predicted...the girls are totally ignoring it. It does not interest them...
No lights...
Just lights...we are decorating over the week end! And it is fuller but I do love it...our plan is to sit tight here and decorate over the week end because it is crazy on the roads...
So...Festivus...Day 1...begins! Next week's activities are planned...I am finished it's just wrapping stuff and getting cards out and little gifts of cash for our mail lady and garbage and recycling dudes...and something for Lauren our stylist and nail guru...maybe I do have a little more to do...and we still need to see the lights at Longwood...but it will all get done...
Longwood Gardens is crazy busy because of this...the annual Christmas lights. It's beautiful. Dinner reservations at the restaurant inside Longwood is sold out a year in advance!
Some photos plus I put in a link to the video...
Off to do stuff! Oh...this book is really good...the chiller/thriller that I needed...
Happy Friday!



  1. What work that is to decorate those gardens. Kudos to the staff. And how fun for you and the hub to go out and eat at the nice restaurant.

  2. Longwood Gardens, the restaurant, your tree... all so beautiful! Happy Festivus!!

  3. We've always loved being home for the holidays.

  4. Gorgeous holidays around you! Including those within your home. Enjoy!

  5. We stick around home (sometimes travel an hour for the day). I like sleeping in my own bed :)
    The restaurant looks great! Enjoy decorating the tree.

  6. Oh, you know you don't do Festivus. You do Christmas, with all of its decorations and frills. Have fun and enjoy.

  7. Festivus is from Seinfeld and involves a metal pole and the airing of the grievances. You do not celebrate Festivus, silly. LOL.