Monday, December 28, 2015

A Plethora Of Books?

Just a quick assessment of books I have read over this past week...

I loved this book...Poppy was the character that I loved to...well...not love!

I loved this book! The four Plumb siblings...were messy, dysfunctional, funny and kind of sad at times but this book was everything I needed it to be!
Oh my...this book gets high ratings from almost every reader but it was not a good choice for me. I think I got Lucrezia Borgia confused with Lizzie Borden...teasing. One used poison...the other used an ax? I do not like this period in history. This was not a good choice for me.
Love these authors but this collaboration was lost on me. I now know that I don't like books written by more than one person. Seriously...readers also loved this book but I just didn't.
Ok...don't hate sister, her daughter and I have this thing for really good vampire books. It must be genetic. My niece found this series... which has been around a while. I just started's soooo good. Christmas always makes me want to read a vampire book...and this series has everything. I am finishing up Blood in's crazy good. There are about 21 books in this series...yum! Long red hair, fair skin, a hulking muscular vampire Prince, hunters, a vampire city called The Shade...and a destiny that needs fulfilling for Sophia and Derek. It's like a vampy soap opera!
Plus I don't really count these books in books I read and review...I read these on my help me have a peaceful night! Ha!
Reading was first on my Paperwhite...from Edelweiss...I started it and it's really good.
Off to tidy and clean...toss in some laundry...roast two baked potatoes for lunch and make lasgana for dinner...fulfilling a promise to Den...but I am using no boil pasta so it's actually easy!
Have a lovely Monday!




  1. Love the the word "plethora." I must get my hands on The Nest, The Forgotten Room, and The Good Liar. I mentioned you in my Musing Mondays post (about how you Googled events and people from The Swans of Fifth Avenue).

    Enjoy your week!

  2. The Nest definitely sounds like my kind of book! Too bad about The Forgotten Room, but I know exactly what you mean about books written by more than one person... such a difficult feat to really do it well.

    Lots of cleaning and laundry here today, too!

  3. I don't think The Vatican Princess would be for me either because I don't like that time period. I told you we're twins!

    Vampires + Christmas cracks me up!

  4. Quite an assortment of books you have there. I am glad you are enjoying your holidays!

  5. I added The Nest some time ago probably b/c of you. I've also added the vampire one. I do like a good vampire book and haven't been impressed w/any of the YA ones since Twilight but have enjoyed adult vampire plots. It sounds older than young adult though with the concept of a harem in it.

    1. I really loved The Nest. I have read the first two of these Shade Of Vampire books...I am addicted! Not exactly YA but not exactly not YA.