Friday, November 13, 2015

What A Day...

Den and I spent most of the day going through the upstairs closets...piling up clothing and sheets and towels and bags and hats all to give away to Big Brothers and Amvets or Saint Vincent many things...every fall we do this cleansing. The closets look clean and ordered. I love it.

Then the Paris terror attacks came on TV so now we are riveted and saddened...watching what is happening. I don't understand this kind of hatred...I really truly don't. So...we watch and we pray...

Reading this...description from Amazon..

This New York Times bestselling author of America America and other acclaimed works of fiction, explores the nature of genius, jealousy, ambition, and love in several generations of a gifted family.

It's a chunkster so I may just be reading this all weekend!

Pet brother came home from London and met Luna...she's staying!

She has a forever home!

I may pop in over the week end but if not...have a safe one!
Hugs from Patty









  1. I didn't hear about Paris until I talked to my mom a few minutes ago and I am heartbroken. I am so tired of violence and hatred.

  2. A fellow blogger mentioned Paris and I had to ask the husband about it. We don't have regular TV here. It's very sad what happened there. Luna is adorable. Is she from a breeder or a shelter? Or was she found outside? Jook, BTW, is rice porridge.

    1. Luna is barely 8 weeks old and my niece found her huddled and alone outside. She has a wonderful forever home now! Rice porridge...who knew?

  3. Terrorism is the lowest expression of humankind and I don't understand it either!

    I am proud of your closet cleansing!

  4. I do not understand that kind of hatred too. So sad and tragic.

    I do understand loving to clean out closets. One of my favorite things to do because it feels so great afterwards. I hope you had a wonderful weekend.

    1. I did! I hope that you did, too! My closets and shelves look great but I can't find everything! My stuff is in a new order!

  5. I knew Luna was staying. No way you could turn that face away.