Wednesday, November 25, 2015


Ok...wasn't that a Carly Simon song?

Since Den and I can both be such procrastinators and even though we made promises to each other that we would not shop on Wednesday...we were at Wegman's at 8 ish this morning...we were finished and walking out just as people were starting to get that crazed look. We were just supposed to be shopping for sides...we were picking up our fully cooked turkey later today...and a pie...a Pumpkin Praline Pie...and I told Den that we were going to stick to our list...not get distracted and get in and's Wegman's's like being at a food festival...there is stuff to look at everywhere! Cheeses, fish, shrimp, lobster, crab, sushi, breads, olive bars, an entire whole grouper, stuff to go with cave aged cheeses...we now own Quince Paste and Marcona Almonds! And Prosecco washed cheese and Rainforest crackers with fig and olive...we needed a starter! Something yummy to munch on while we hang in jammies and watch the parade! Plus we brought home lobster salads with avocados and chopped kale salads for lunch...yummy! And we even found a great Bloody Mary junk in it...for our Thanksgiving Festivus!

Did you know that this is the only size marshmallow fluff we found? In real life it is giant sized!

I am changing out our normal sweet potatoes for mashed ones with a topping of this fluff stuff that is beaten with egg whites...Den can not wait! We never have fluff and now we have a giant jar of's not organic and I don't even! At least it's cholesterol free?

Books...I am putting down this for a day or two...I have not even started it yet...

And reading's rumored to be extremely unique...we shall see!
Off to relax!
Have an amazing Thanksgiving!



  1. I need to visit a Wegman's one day. I can't imagine fluff in potatoes - won't that be really sweet?

    1. It is mixed into beaten egg whites and goes on top...won't that be less sweet? I can't disappoint Den...then it goes into the oven to get browned!

  2. I don't think we have a Wegman's sounds like an East Coast thing...LOL. Enjoy the fluff!

  3. Nooo...Anticipation was Carly Simon's song. LOVE her! I am reading her memoir: Boys in the Trees. I must say, I am having so much fun just reading what I want, at my leisure. I loved the review circuit, but it kinda' ruined it for a long time. Not having a computer even made me more just about reading for fun and leisure. But, I am back at finding balance. I like blogging, and I like my blogger friends.

    1. A little of both is good but I like your way!

  4. I am a big procrastinator too, ever since college. But I find that I have more creative energy and ideas.