Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Practically Wordless Wednesday!

Today the girls and I are holed up in our room while Den is downstairs with some Amish workers. I think I prefer not to see the chaos in my sunroom...they are working on outside window flanges...not sure what those are but Den said he had to move everything. Help!

My quilted quilts...being inspected! Now I have a yearning to make quilts again...because I only have to do the top! My quilter is working on my last's a log cabin. I hope my inspectors like it!

I think Luna The Kitty is staying with my niece...the test was how their beloved Buckley would deal with her...what do you think? Heeheehee!
Baby Luna! This sweetie is tiny!
Baby Luna petting Buckley!
Finished this...the last quarter was weird and made me strongly dislike all of the characters.
Reading this...
The girls and I have been released from our bedroom. Now I get to see the chaos while Den is out grabbing lunch and dinner...stuffed pork chops and stacked sweet potatoes! The chops are all ready for roasting...thank you Country Butcher!
The stacks are from!
Happy Wednesday!





  1. I think Luna has Buckley wrapped around her paw already.

  2. Mmm those quilts are beautiful. Just learning quilting myself, its all those books I've read that had quilters in them that made me want to learn. If you live near Amish quilters that would be amazing.

    1. There are amazing quilt stores, too! I am not good...I can only do really simple things!

  3. So cute, those two, Luna and Buckley...and your dinner sounds wonderful.

    I hate the chaos that goes along with work that needs to be done.

    Beautiful quilts!

    1. Looks like Luna and Buckley are besties already!
      They're both adorable.

  4. I'm sure the Amish take great pride in their work and like how you've contracted one of their community to finish those quilts. Quilting sounds fun but very meticulous and has your brain exercising those mental math skills. I like that brown one. Those chocolate boxes are so cute. Have you had any before? I'm curious to see what you say of this new book. I read The Weird Sisters which is supposed to be similar to what you're reading; it was pretty good.

  5. I have had those chocolates...they are delicious. I really like this book. Quirky characters...really really quirky!