Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Oh My!

This started out so good but then...once some of the chapters started being written in sort of an interview form...I got...well...I got bored! So I read the last third of it without really loving it. I enjoyed the present day chapters more than the in the past ones. I guess it is sort of a "factional" book about Gladys Spencer-Churchill who was real and quite odd! She did the first Pond's Cold Cream ad but she also had paraffin injected into her nose...which apparently dropped into her chin...and left her with a distorted face! I can't even believe I know this but I googled her!

Starting this but I am afraid...very afraid...I did not love her last one!
I want these two books and so far...they elude my bookish little hands! Why oh why? The Arrangement was offered to me and I did not respond fast enough...now I can't get it...sigh!
Still thinking about goats...these are Willowsford goats being moved...probably to munch another lawn! Or two?
Thanksgiving digestives? These look lovely but I can easily be swayed by interesting bottles. There was a pink beer bottle on FB yesterday...I would have bought that in a heartbeat...heeheehee!
New stuff...
The girls love my new German Flannel Soft Duvet Cover from Garnet Hill...they have given up their own little heated beds for ours! They snuggle down into the duvet with dreamy little looks on their little kitty faces! Sigh!
Off to clean and prep this messy house!
Have a great day!




  1. My mom had a pet goat when she was a kid. My grandmother sent my mom and her goat to a photo studio to have portraits made. I have a copy and I treasure it!

    Come get that pink bottle! ;)

  2. With cold weather moving in, everyone looks for something comfy and cozy...even the kitties do.

  3. With cold weather moving in, everyone looks for something comfy and cozy...even the kitties do.

  4. Oh, that's too bad...I don't love any writing style that does not flow smoothly, and an interview style, or an epistolary format...neither does anything for me.

    I have been putting off reading All the Houses and All the Stars in the Heavens. I know you didn't like the first one, and I don't even remember the last Trigiani I read.

    There is nothing worse than a disappointing book...unless it's one you are craving and can't get your hands on! Sigh.

  5. Oh no, I don't know if I'd want to read the Paris book now. To delete it off my list or not....

    1. You might like it...I liked it but didn't really love it!