Tuesday, November 10, 2015

I'm Back...Again?

Yesterday was so weird...my Amish quilter is so sweet but so exacting about times...she needed us at her house before noon yesterday...probably because lunch is a big meal for her family...and although we started out early...there were detours and detours and detours! I was freaking out! But we got there with time to spare. My quilts are so beautiful with her quilting. Her quilting puts mine to shame. She is so pleased when I tell her how beautiful her work is...I think that she is proud of how she can do this and earn money for her family. So...what's cool about driving to her house is...we had lunch in Intercourse, PA...and pass through Bird In Hand and Lititz and Strasburg! These names delight us...and Amish carriages and scooters are everywhere! We drive so carefully just to keep everyone safe! We had a great lunch in Intercourse...heeheehee! Here is the pink quilt...

Reading and loving this book...two strangers have to spend two hours a week together for a year...if they do they each get half of a million dollars. One is a high powered attorney, Elizabeth, the other is a very handsome sort of slacker...Richard. First Elizabeth was opposed to this offer...but now she is in...they could not be more un alike in their thinking!

New books from Vine and NetGalley and Edelweiss...a mix of YA, contemporary, psychological suspense and fantasy!

Just got Winter...I love this series. It is wonderful...the best fantasy ever...
I have read the first two...but need to read these! Love this author's writing!
Ok...off to tidy the entire upstairs! It needs it!
Have a happy Tuesday!





  1. I love quilts! I haven't had any great ones since the days when I lived in a townhouse with a loft...and hung a sampling of them over the railing.

    I would spend two hours a week with a stranger for half a million! Sounds like an interesting book.

  2. The quilt is gorgeous!

    Wanted to mention that I noticed the "hold reviews until publication date" statement for My Name is Lucy Barton in the front matter of the netgalley edition. Have a feeling most people would miss that, so probably not a big deal.

    1. I just could not find it...but...there were two 5 star reviews on Amazon for it today plus a few on Goodreads.

      Thank you!

  3. We pass through Bat Cave, NC when we drive to Asheville. I've always wanted to stop there to see what it's all about.

  4. So did you just make the front of the quilt and then brought the backing and edgings to the Amish quilter for her do the rest? I like the soft, soothing colors they have and how they go so well with the room.

    1. Stephanie...yes...I love to do the fronts but I am not good at the binding part. She did that and more quilting, too!