Friday, November 6, 2015

Friday's Mix!

Den has been away all the wild wildernesses of Minnesota and South Dakota. Everything he does there is three hours from the airport! He walked 10,000 steps at the Mall Of America before dinner. And played around in this baby...he is exhausted...he's used to working 1 day a week...this new schedule is...well...exhausting...heeheehee! But he is off all next week to play and go to movies and regroup. I want to see the next James Bond movie and the Brooklyn movie!

Den came home to put these together!
One to go! Of course he has a helper/supervisor!
Books...I am just a bit overwhelmed...I think. Not by reading because I love that but by tracking...which I hate...for some reason even if I say that I don't think I can read this book...I still get the book and now I have a list of maybe books which is sort of undermining me. I feel so bad for the maybe books. So because I feel bad I end up reading something totally new...sigh! It's a book conundrum?
Reading these...I am in that fantasy mood again...
I hope to finish both and read this one by Monday...and none of these are maybe books!
So...this week end is some Amish Quilting Lady finished one quilt and I get to go get it and take her the binding for the next two quilts...more football...and...that's it!
Have a great weekend!
I will be back on Monday!



  1. I bet Lucy and Roxie are in heaven with those cat towers!

    1. Well...Lucy fell off...did a total somersault and landed on her back so she won't go near it now!

  2. I love how he came home and you put him right back to work to build those cat trees!

  3. Those kitties are definitely spoiled...LOL. But what fun!

    I do want to read the Lucy Barton book...enjoy!

  4. Oh, I loved Lucy Barton! I bet the girls loved their new playgrounds :)

  5. Oh boy, what a cat crib. I'm sure they'll get used to it. And what you had commented last time, no frying? I only fill a pot about 2" with canola oil so the frying is safe. :O) Glad you had some winning books to read recently.