Friday, November 27, 2015

And Then There Was Pie...

Ok...actually pumpkin praline pie...for breakfast...from Janssen's...yum! Without whip cream...healthier? Heeheehee!

What shall we do today? Tidy the house a bit...put things away...wash all of the tea towels and napkins...and not budge from the house or yard. Our alarm clock...Lucy Grace...woke me up at 5ish...I think that's when her tummy growls...or she still thinks we both need to get up for school and work every day...or she just wants the bed to herself.

When she gets up she walks over us...stands on little paws dig into soft skin...if that doesn't work she starts nipping...gentle little bites on all exposed areas. Roxie, Den and I could sleep much longer but this sweet girl won't allow it. of us emerges from bed and goes downstairs to feed her...then she goes back to bed and we are up...wide awake and way too early! But it's ok...Roxie naps and I read...and Den drinks tons of coffee! Plus I kind of love that early morning time downstairs with coffee and a book...and a lap soothing.
Just finished this one...creepy, dark, eerie, weird but so good! Chilling...really chilling!
Here's the thing...And it's not as though I need another book to read but...I can not make up my mind about this one...I hate when people either love or hate a book. This is one of those books that is either loved or not loved...what to do...what to do? In this book Veblen is a character name. In the real world...Veblen was an economist...I think.
Right now I am watching an old Librarian and planning what to read next...but one thing I shopping is involved in our plans shopping and no leaving.
Happy Friday!




  1. Your morning reminds me of why I no longer have pets....LOL. But I guess your two kitties are special and make up for the downside.

    Enjoy the day! I am reading Snow Angel Cove and trying to decide whether or not to bring out the Christmas bins.

  2. No shopping for me either! 5:00 is early but four legged alarm clocks are the best!

    1. I know...she is so clever and sooo persistent. Yesterday when I woke up she was sleeping nose to nose next to Den...we appreciate her every day....

  3. Black Friday is all about Chloe Jo. *wink*

  4. I love pie. I barely have it the rest of the year- but this time of year, it is just SO good. :)