Monday, October 5, 2015

While You Were Gone...

While I was gone we have had rainy days and cold nights! I actually put on long yoga pants during the day instead of yoga shorts...brrrr...kitties were sprawled on the floor heaters and have totally abandoned the sunroom!

It's heated beds for these two babies...I actually saw them in bed together but the minute Lucy sees me she hops out...I think they love each other more than I think they do! And they are keeping it a secret!

While I was gone I finished this...I loved it...
and this...enjoyed it, too!
I am finishing's sometimes what I need in a book...clever, funny, sweet and dysfunctional! Two sisters dealing with their issues and their mother and ex husbands and sexting! OMG!

I hope to read this today...
These are new...from Amazon and NetGalley and Edelweiss...
Den spent part of our Sunday crying about football...the Eagles are really really bad, apparently. And the Broncos are mildly good. And all the other teams he watches are just good fun! For him! But I get tons of reading done!
This was in the slow cooker for dinner...from a blog called... I even attempted gravy...notice I say attempted? It was really good...comfy and what my mom and dad made every Sunday!
That was my week end! How was yours?







  1. I feel Den's pain when it comes to football. The Hokies are awful this year.

    No heat for us yet but we've had lots and lots of rain. The sun is trying to come out this morning!

  2. Love the cover of Whistling Women, and your crockpot dinner reminds me of home, too! I tried making Italian Wedding Soup in the crockpot last week... it was very good, but the meatballs were a little overdone.

  3. The Broncos are 4-0 right now! Tell Den to enjoy that! Bill likes Denver because he likes Manning.
    The Packers are also 4-0. They are my favourite team. Yes, I love football.
    You have some scary looking books there. Except Whistling Women. I want to read that one, too. Are you familiar with the old saying that goes with it? My Grampy used to say it.

  4. We had pot roast every Sunday, too, only my mom cooked it in the oven...and when I was really little, in a pressure cooker. Do they even have those any more?

    But yours looks so good...and now I really have to get that slow cooker.

    I loved Pretending to Dance and Blood Red.

    Lucy is a funny that she hides how she feels about Roxie....