Friday, October 2, 2015


Other than relentless wind and rain...we may avoid the worst of the hurricane.

AC is fixed and we almost needed the heat on this morning.

Even the upstairs refrigerator decided to behave better...fingers crossed.

Finished this sweet sweet book about family dysfunction...and what happens when sisters enter a magical closet. I think this book would be really good for families dealing with an alcoholic parent. The youngest on guard whenever her mother's mug is not filled with coffee. This book shows how all of these family members deal with their often absent mother...and a father in denial.

Now reading these...Books 1 & 2...compared to my beloved Deborah Harkness Trilogy but these have very mixed reviews...I am keeping an open mind and hoping I love them!
Still browsing Fall these...from FP...Den...birthday pending! Heeheehee!
Love Eileen Fisher...and half off!
Karen Kane Trapeze Dress...
Last...Paula and Patty! Sisters! People never thought we looked alike but I kind of see it here!
Stay dry...pray that Joachim stays away from everyone and have a great weekend...lots of college football, NFL games and easy cookink for us...a quiet rainy weekend...Den...there will be waffles!
See you on Monday!




  1. We are so tired of rain and they're saying we could get a foot more this weekend.

  2. I have 6 sisters and we don't always see a resemblance but I can see it with you and your sis. Have a fun weekend and stay dry!

    1. Thank you Mary! Have a wonderful weekend, too!

  3. The first book sounds good. I have read a couple of unusual, unknown books lately. I like to find obscure books on my own.
    I see a resemblance with you and your sister. It is there.

  4. You and your sister have the same smile. I can see it right away :) --I only have 3 brothers!

    Stay dry and safe this weekend. Cuddle up with a book. One of my brothers and his family live on Long Island, NY and i'm hoping he doesn't get hit hard, since he did with "Sandy".

    Wow, I checked out that Rebecca Alexander series and it does look good to me. Enjoy it!

  5. Yes, the two of you look a lot alike....and you have such cute names, too: Patty and Paula.

    Enjoy your weekend, and I hope the storm stays away.

    I like books about dysfunctional families, and Rules for Stealing Stars looks delightful.

    1. It was delightful.. And my mom always called us the wrong names!

  6. Rules for Stealing Stars has a great cover!

    I can see the resemblance between you and your sister. :)

    So happy that the hurricane stayed away. It is freezing here right now. We had to sleep with the space heater on!

    Have a good weekend-
    Stephanie :)

    1. We are really cold here, too! We had to turn the kitties bed heaters on...heeheehee!