Thursday, October 8, 2015

The Things I Know...

I love divided plate dinners...I forgot to take a picture of last night's divided plate dinner...but picture in your head...Sweet Baby James Barbecue sauce in one...Pioneer Woman's Cheese Sauce in another...chicken strips and steamed brocolli in the biggest section...the middle section was empty because there was nothing to put in it! We called it the overflow section. Yummy comforting dinner...

Today is a day out of my past life...Den is at the office...I am reading but soon I will either put the girls in their stroller and walk through our 'hood or get on the treadmill and then work on basement bins. But the entire day is mine alone...
Reading this and it is soooo dystopianly good. The children of the rulers of countries live together until a certain age. If their countries don't go to war they get to live. If there is a war they are killed. If they reach that age without dying they get to go home and get married and give up one of their kids. Wow! Everyone follows rules until a certain "different" boy enters the group...and then...chaos!
It is getting warmer here again...we almost turned the AC on last night...but...I still love this time of year and the temps dropping just a little...we call it Sweater Weather! I love these examples...the top three are from Zara...
Not sure what we are eating today...Den has drinks after work so he may bring home Chicken Cheese Steak Sandwiches from a local place...I really don't want to do anything priority! Yum! Thank you, Giordano's!
French Fries or their amazing Onion Rings? Or carrots? Heeheehee!
Have a great day...




  1. It's definitely a/c weather down here, but that's the way I like it. I want those plates!

  2. I hope you enjoyed your day. Just one book? *wink*
    We have been having a bit of Fall, though Summer won't quite let go.

  3. No a/c needed here, but I did turn off the heat ;-)

    I had a set of 4 plastic divided plates, each in a different color, that were for 'special' lunches when our daughters were preschoolers. Seeing your adult version brought back happy memories. I may have to look for some.