Thursday, October 15, 2015

Still Reading...

I am reading and researching and stretching this book out as much as I can...I mean...Anderson Cooper's mother...Gloria Vanderbilt...was affected by Truman Capote. The Bouvier sisters...Jacqueline Kennedy, her sister, Lee and even Joanna Carson...Johnny Carson's ex-wife...all lunched and dined and were incredibly fond of Truman Capote. Until he did the very bad deed...he was at the end of his alcoholic...and he wrote a book that told their secrets...all of the secrets that the "Swans" had told him over the years. He went from the darling of society to a kind of mean little man who really couldn't stay sober. After In Cold Blood he couldn't write any more...that's when he started telling other people's secrets...the stories that were not his own.
I think I have doubled the length of this book by all of the googled articles I have read. I loved this book!
From Vanity Fair...
From The Observer...
His beach house...from Variety...
This was such an interesting book! If anyone reads it and wants the extra articles I found...just let me know!
Reading this next...
Have a great and lovely day!
This has been a weird week for ex sister in law died suddenly this week. My nieces are bravely dealing with this. She lived in the town I grew up in but I have not seen her in years. Then my Aunt Rita died on the same day...I have not seen her since my dad died and we don't live near anyone and I didn't even really know she was ill. I have that kind of extended family that really just doesn't stay in touch...other than a card now and then...if that...and the card is usually from mom always had a challenging relationship with my aunt. My aunt would always tell my mom what she should be doing and my gentler mom would always get her feelings hurt. My Aunt Rita was blonde and bold and beautiful and my godmother...but again I have not been in of course I feel sad and guilty about both of them. We are missing a big family event in Denver and there are some really touchy feelings there, too. And I have a friend whose beautiful kitten...Silvio Baby Cat...died this week from complications due to an illness from his vaccinations...his little face breaks my heart. And that makes me freak out about Roxie who had a reaction last year from her vaccinations. I think I might be depressed. I don't normally feel depressed but I think I might be depressed. Sigh! Do you think I am depressed? I can't eat and I wake up thinking about sad stuff. Sigh!
Silvio Baby Cat...RIP...




  1. Oh, Patti... that is too much sadness all at once! I'm not surprised it's got you down. Take care :(

    Adding The Swans of Fifth Avenue to my wish list.

  2. I have tons of cousins and recently found obituaries for 2 of them and one died in hospice in the town we live in. No one had let us know and that upset me because I would have gone to the funeral.

    Poor Silvio - I'm sure his mom is heartbroken.

  3. I am sorry to hear about the people that you recently lost. It is hard when people we are distanced from pass in a different way from the sadness we feel when someone close to us dies. Sorry for your sadness. Hugs!

    1. Thank you, are so right about those feelings.

  4. I know what you mean...when people we haven't seen in a long time die, we do feel sad, but also a little guilty that we didn't see them more.

    Or, in the case of a former colleague of mine who died last week, I feel bad because I didn't really like him.

    I hope you feel better soon....sometimes it helps to commiserate with you're doing here.

    When a lot of sad things happen, it is hard not to feel completely immersed in it.

    I am eager to read Swans....I am also sad reading about how mean Truman Capote got toward the end....

    1. Yes...he was a mean and bitter and nasty man at the end...this book was a gem!

      I actually do feel better after writing that!

  5. Patty, I am glad you got that all out. Now, please be happy for your many blessings. You have much to be happy about.
    I am sorry about Silvio. My heart goes out to his family. I am also sorry for your losses and sadness.
    Find yourself a happy book, now. I am wishing you the best, my friend. Hug.

  6. I'm sorry for what you're going through, Patty. I think we've all been there with the feeling of guilt, sadness, etc.
    I didn't know Swans was about Capote and the women you mentioned. So sad that he did what he did. I remember loving the Christmas short stories he wrote (A Christmas Memory, One Christmas, and The Thanksgiving Visitor). Check Goodreads.