Thursday, October 29, 2015

Just How Warm Should We Be?

Den and I spent an hour today feeling duvet know the comforter that goes inside the duvet? Did we want allergy free, almost warm, too warm, goose down, or almost goose down? Who knew there were so many choices? And in the midst of deciding...Bed Bath And Beyond had a power outage! The entire store was dark...really dark...and Den and I were stuck in a corner with about a hundred inserts all around us! Creepy!

So...we made our decision...came home...stuffed our duvet with it...which is so annoying...buttoned the bottom only to realize one of us skipped a button so it had to be rebuttoned, put it on our bed and watched Roxie smoosh herself into it as though she would never move. Then we got under it and were so hot we were freaking out! So...we folded it up...another impossible task...and put it away until it gets colder. Den does not want to give up on it...yet!

After watching Panera's Roasted Turkey And Avocado Sandwich commercials for two weeks...I had to have that was lunch today! Panera's was so packed! Everyone must have had the same idea! It was so delicious. It comes with a pickle and a little bag of chips! Yum!

Reading's really good...private school in California...a handsome fae...a classmate whose twin just died...I am into it!
I am switching out my other choice for this one...a little boy disappears...his anguished mother cherishes his five steps saved in cement...and then she meets a psychic. Uh oh!
I am exhausted!





  1. We use a light blanket most of the winter and then throw one on that's just a little bit heavier when it gets really cold.

  2. We had a heavier comforter that made us too warm. Plus, it would flatten on one side and puff up on the other. So we got rid of it. I took out the lighter comforter but now we are cold as our apartment was cozier and we never really had to use the heater compared to our house. I found a blanket at Costco as we needed another since the husband says I hog it, LOL. Panera makes some pretty good sammies. Jellybean loves the chicken noodle soup while her tween sister loves the broccoli cheddar, my favorite. We love their big ol' cookies too.

    1. I am not sure about this one...we are still debating its merits!

  3. Both books have fascinating covers.

    We got a duvet last year after spending a few days at a B and B in Nantucket and loving the duvet. We got one that is supposed to be good for all seasons. So far it has been great no matter the season. Not too hot in the summer, as it is light and fluffy. But, it is still cozy in the winter. I hope you are able to work out your duvet situation!