Friday, October 9, 2015

It Doesn't Feel Like Friday!

We did not get to have our chicken cheesesteaks sad...but if we are hungry later we are having them tonight. Den had his drinks after work mixed up...wrong person...wrong date...he came home early because he needed to work a bit today from home. This one day a week schedule of his is a killer on my schedule! So...I made Pasta With Slightly Spicy Vodka Sauce...really easy and really good!

I think I didn't tear the basil small enough. The sauce is made out of tomato paste, 2 tablespoons of vodka that burns off and heavy was so good.
But mine looked just like the Bon Appetit one! See! Except for the basil!
So Den and I slipped out to The Whip for lunch today...I had an October beer...On draft called Goose Island! Yummy! I always have the tiny glass but I opted for the big bad boy glass today! It was delicious!
Then we had house made smoked salmon on tiny little potato pancakes...yum!
And Tavern Salads with Stilton dressing...these are so good!
We added really need rare steak to ours...
Sunday we are going to see Peter Cetera (from the group Chicago) in concert! He is about 30 minutes away and was so amazing in the summer...we are doing it again! In the summer he sang with an orchestra. This time he is singing with his band! Every concert we go to seems to be far away...this one is almost in our back yard! So excited!
I am almost finished with this book...which was slow to start but now is getting really good!
Up next? Who knows? One of these I think!
Off to relax! Off to read! Off to order dinner!
Happy Friday! Happy Week End!



  1. I love vodka sauce but have only made it one time. Those salads look yummy!

  2. You have to chiffonade the basil lol. Stackba few leaves together, roll them tight then cut thin slivers crisswise. You'll get long thin ribbons that way.

  3. Yummy food! I didn't go on the computer at all yesterday after 10 a.m.!

    You always have lots of books I've never heard of....enjoy!

    1. I think that it's mostly when I go into my YA moods...those books are new to you! Emperor was great...Wolf is even better!