Monday, October 12, 2015

Here I Am...Back With Books!

This was a very busy weekend...finished these...both were fascinating...

So...this one was a sort of dystopian historical fiction...Yael has survived the Natzi camps but only because she was the subject of experimentation by an evil Doctor. She can look at a photo and skin shift into that person. The Resistance is using this as a way for her to kill Adolf Hitler. I know it sounds weird but it was really good.

This one...totally dysfunctional family behavior mixed in with humor and amazing was sad, maddening, heart warming and triumphant!
Saw Peter Citera in concert again...ok...I finally figured out why I am totally fascinated with him...other than his voice being so freaking amazing that it's unreal. He is quirky! He tells stories. He is funny and often says things he probably shouldn't say but he is so sweet that no one cares. His concerts are just so much fun! I hate encores with a passion but his encores are incredible!
So...we got home from the concert at 11ish starving! PB&J and a tall glass of milk...yummy! I had an 8:20 knee injection appointment this morning. I am exhausted!
Here is the funny thing about these knee injections...
He sprays my knee with this cold freeze stuff...then he does the needle thing...I never look...because in my mind the needle is at least a foot long. I have one more to go...and have perfected the art of getting up from the table with more grace than ever...I do a half pull bounce off and my landing is a 10! What also is funny is that everyone at's where I go and they do all the major sports teams in Philadelphia...patients are either really young with sports injuries or really old with other issues...thank goodness for now I am in the middle. Whew! I am holding on tight to that middle! Plus I have to wear I need these done before winter!
New books! I got tons this week so I am doing a few every day!
From Amazon...In this mesmerizing novel, Ethan Canin, the New York Times bestselling author of America America and other acclaimed works of fiction, explores the nature of genius, jealousy, ambition, and love in several generations of a gifted family.
From Amazon...For fans of Eleanor Brown’s The Weird Sisters and Liane Moriarty’s The Husband’s Secret comes a smart, wry, and poignant novel about reconciliation between fathers and daughters, between spouses; the deep ties between sisters; and the kind of forgiveness that can change a person’s life in unexpected an
From Amazon...A bittersweet, biting, sharply observed family drama from the author of Waterloo...
From Amazon...



From Amazon...In this absorbing and suspenseful debut novel—reminiscent of Revolutionary Road and inspired by a little-known piece of history—a young couple must fight to save both their marriage and the town they live in.
Reading this now...
That's's a beautiful day in the hood to clean something!




  1. Why are you getting knee injections? Did I miss something? It sounds painful!

  2. All the books.. Oh my! Enjoy.

    1. So many books to read! Thank goodness for football season!

  3. Oh, those knee injections sound painful! Yikes!

    I spent today at the dentist getting crown prep, as one of my molars broke in half and it was painful for the few days I had to wait (the office was closed on Friday and the weekend).

    Then the afternoon was spent napping and feeling groggy...LOL.

    Those books are all new to me...I have never even seen these titles when I've searched Vine...

  4. Wolf by Wolf sounds intriguing! So many of the books have such cool covers.

    Glad the knee injections are going well. I wouldn't look either!