Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Books! Thoughts! Adventures!



I grew to love the book The Aviator's Wife at a time when I was not into reading historical fiction. This book by that same author is starting out just as fascinating as The Aviator's Wife was. It's about Truman Capote and the wealthy group of women he hung out with. Truman Capote apparently surrounded himself by beautiful wealthy and incredible women. They lunched together and spent time at their country houses together. They were given the best seats at restaurants. They dressed in designer clothes. They were dripping in jewels and Truman...small in stature, very gay, oddly dressed Truman...the Truman who always had a scarf longer than he was draped around him...had these ladies in the palm of his hand!

New books...all summaries are from Amazon.
The book is about, among other things: the strongest boy in the world, a talking cockatoo, a faulty mind reader, a beautiful bearded lady and a nervous magician, an old museum, and a shrunken head.
From #1 bestselling author Dean Koontz—the must-read thriller of the year, for readers of dark psychological suspense and modern classics of mystery and adventure.
A spectacularly compelling story of blackmail, murders both accidental and opportunistic, and of one life’s fateful unraveling from Ruth Rendell—“one of the most remarkable novelists of her generation” (People)—writing at her most acute and mesmerizing...
Still thinking about where to live...a little cottage by the sea?
Thinking about these shoes...so purrrrrfect...the girls want me to have them for my birthday!
Thinking about the smoothie Den is attempting for breakfast right now...the last time he made one he broke my fave wooden spoon! In the blender!
Today...shopping, lunch, mailing stuff to people...sigh!
Happy day!




  1. I loved The Aviators Wife :) I want to read Swans too...glad you liked it! And yes, you should have those shoes.

  2. I'd never heard of Swans but just requested it from netgalley. I need clothes and shoes for the fall some kind of bad. Ugh, I hate shopping.

    1. I know that you hate to shop! Too funny! That book is on Vine, too!

  3. Oh, I read a book by Melanie Benjamin, called Alice I Have Been...about the real girl on whom Alice in Wonderland was based. I want to read The Aviator's Wife, but maybe I'll skip over that one and go straight for The Swans of Fifth Avenue. I loved seeing those women in the Capote movie.

    1. You should...it was on Vine and it's on NG...

  4. Oohh- Curiosity House looks great. Love the cover! :)