Thursday, October 1, 2015

And Now This?

Last week was filled with guest prep stuff...

This week is filled with AC stuff...the repair dude has been here since's now almost 11:00. The girls and I are tucked away in our room because he needs to be in and out...but he can go through the basement French doors...Den is dealing with the in and out part.

And now our big refrigerator is going wacky and our downstairs spare is not cooling.

It's just one of those weeks...oh...and apparently Hurricane Joachim is going to hit everywhere around us so Den is prepping the generator...and we are buying jugs of water and tuna and batteries!

I think I want to live somewhere free from floods, hurricanes, tornadoes and muggy heat...and pestilence. And I want underground electric wires. I want Den to take me and Lucy and Roxie to a safe place...a hotel that won't lose power or cable. He should stay here and watch the house!


Reading and loving this...I am developing a fondness for Middle Grade books...

From Amazon...

“[A] lyrical story of love and loss... The way the sisters fight and love in equal measure, as well as their basic need for one another, rings poignantly true in this touching and heartwarming story, which contains a ‘tiny bit of magic, right here in the real world.’” (Booklist (starred review))

We did not get to have our Sheetpan Salmon Supper last the time Den got in from the office it was so hot inside we did not want to turn on the oven...we just grilled it outside...still yummy!
Tonight is Pasta Thursday...Linguini and Meatballs! Yum! I need the comfort food of my people! Well...half of my peoples...heeheehee!
Plus I have a sinus headache from all of this pouring rain...
Ugg! Not Ugg's!




  1. Ugh, I hate weeks like that but, I swear, anymore it feels like it's always something. I hope the repair guy gets done soon.

    1. It's been pretty much a downhill week!

  2. It has been raining here today, too; hope the hurricane stays far away. I hope you find a place with fewer storms and disasters!

    That pasta looks yummy!

  3. I feel your pain with the repairs. We had a new furnace/AC installed last week - took 11.5 hours. Hope your refrigerators are working perfectly soon. And that Joachim goes easy on you.
    We have underground power lines. Once in a while they go out too, sigh. Get rid of the sinus headache. Yuck.

    1. Thank you, Mary! We thought for sure it had died but the repair dude revived it!

  4. Well, I am sure you know there is no "perfect" place. It sounds like where you are is pretty darned close, though. Yes, it is just one of "those" weeks. This too shall pass, my friend. They say things come in threes, so you are about done. Hang in there.
    That book looks good. Hey, you have good food, the girls, and lots of will get through this. ☺

  5. "He should stay here and watch the house." Spoken like a true woman!! LOL! :-D
    That pasta looks delish. Yum...