Wednesday, September 9, 2015

My Day...

Finished was both good and sad...

Got hacked by a scammer on FB...spent much of my time trying to stop it, fix it and apologize to all of my friends who friended me again. Den and I both spent some time tightening up our FB security...I was actually able to see that an unknown user on a device unknown to me was using my name and face. You can knock them off and make sure you get an alert if this is tried again...I think everyone should do this!
Went to the dentist for check ups...and teeth cleaning...ick...
Went to Whole Foods for groceries...ick...
The heat here is unbearable...we are exhausted from it...soon it's supposed to rain!
Dinner...salmon with a mustardy maple glaze and roasted sweet potatoes and brocolli...this recipe and photo came from The Seasoned sheet pan suppers. They seem to pop up everywhere!
I think I might read this next...I need some UNREALITY!
Take care!



  1. That first book has me curious. I am not a fan of salmon, though I love most seafood. Your blog name should be "Booked" or "Booking Reservations" to reflect both books and food.
    Just kidding! ☺❤

  2. I think the fake Patty unfriended me because I can't find her now.

    We had tons of rain yesterday and may get more today. The heat isn't too bad but it's so blasted muggy.

    1. We have that mugginess's weird because I think Fake Patty just tried to get people to go to that grant site...Fake Patty didn't get my PW or anything...

  3. I love salmon! Yesterday I had lunch with a friend (corn chowder) and a martini. The book looks fascinating.

  4. That salmon looks amazing! I love sheet pan suppers, too, and have just pinned the recipe.

  5. Sorry about the hacker! I've been hacked 2x on Twitter in one year, so I gave up on that social platform. Actually I don't use Facebook either unless I enter a giveaway that wants me to visit them there. I like the old-school way ;)
    I always admire your Sheet Pan Suppers, and think I should definitely get that cookbook!

    1. It is a wonderful book! But...Martha Stuart and Bonappetit have sheet pan recipes online, too!