Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Hot! Hot! Hot!


It is hard to believe that it is nearly October and we are still running the AC or rather trying to.

Remember my bathroom using leaving the seat up electrician? After he left the AC stopped working. Den insists there is no connection...but...I don't believe him. Something popped when he was here working and when we tried to turn on the AC it was dead! And it's still really hot! Lucy slept sprawled out under a fan in the family room and she never does that...never!

And now we are in the path of that pesky hurricane!


Finished this...really sweet book...

Reading this...I love books with alternate voices...Carly May and Lois were abducted for two months when they were twelve. I am just getting into this but so far it is really good. It does not seem like a normal abduction but it's too early for me to tell...
Cooking! Dinner is Soy Mustard Salmon And Broccoli from my fave cookbook!
That is it for me today! I need some tea and toast!





  1. It is so blasted muggy here that we'd be suffering without our air conditioner. I hope you find someone to fix yours soon.

    1. It's the compressor...being fixed now. It is sooooo muggy here, too!

  2. We won't hit 60 today... pretty sure we're done with AC for the season :(
    But I'm with you in thinking the problem is your "bathroom using leaving the seat up electrician"!!
    Grrrr! Good luck.

    1. It cooled down last night but it was so hot yesterday!

  3. That annoying, muddy boots electrician! Of course it's his fault...LOL. Seriously.

    Hope it gets fixed weather is impossible with no AC. I'm still using the AC, too, although it isn't as hot as it was.

  4. I want to read Pretty Is. I am intrigued.
    It was in the 80s here last week. Now we are barely into the 60s. And into the upper 40s at night! Bill is in PA today, on his way to NJ.

  5. I remember when our air conditioning conked out. Poor Boozie was panting so heavily. My husband was preparing to jump ship with her and Sweetie and spend the night in an empty rental house we owned. He said, " I'm going to take my cats and get out of here!" Lol...Taking care of his girls...Ha ha ha :-D

  6. Sorry to hear about the AC. Did he blow a fuse? No, I guess then the AC wouldn't run at all. So hot here too- hasn't felt like October this week!

    Glad you are reading some great books. :)

    1. It was the compressor...fixing it now!